Planet Slow Mo Outtakes
QuantumS1ngularity 19 timer siden
It gives me such a bad case of anxiety when people forget about Newton's 3rd law and give false statements. I am really not sure how Gav and Dan missed Mythbuster's episode when they proved two cars colliding at 50mph aren't equal to a single car colliding with a wall at 100mph. The closing speed may be 100mph combined, but that's the only thing in common.
I_Nvade 19 timer siden
Do a 🍉 watermelon and an orange 🍊
Matthew Hernandez
Matthew Hernandez 20 timer siden
The planet in 2021
QuestGiver 20 timer siden
Can you stir drinks with it?
Niraj Singh
Niraj Singh 20 timer siden
India 🇮🇳
Borahae Bangtan
Borahae Bangtan 20 timer siden
2:25 It's like Dynamite MV scene😍
Maxamed Cumar
Maxamed Cumar 20 timer siden
Why am I getting these recommendations ... in Ramadan?
Soika 20 timer siden
smash a glass cup with it, in slow motion ofc, but it would be great seeing the cracks forming up from that one spot where that obliterator was making contact
Rameez Akhtar
Rameez Akhtar 20 timer siden
Have I missed something? Where's the other guy? Please help
Ankush Dongre
Ankush Dongre 20 timer siden
Me - at .25x
D Inbox
D Inbox 20 timer siden
Great now do it with your Apple Iphone!
Slime YT
Slime YT 20 timer siden
Oh well my potato phone at 4fps
Shafiulla Khan
Shafiulla Khan 20 timer siden
It's the effect of absence of gravity
Daniel Lugero
Daniel Lugero 20 timer siden
5:32 that was a nice car 😒
MONSTER DEFENDER 20 timer siden
these guys filming at 170k fps me with 20
Ishu Boro
Ishu Boro 20 timer siden
Imagine that thing punching your tooth
Indian blood
Indian blood 20 timer siden
2:16 he looks like Jesus Christ
DENOK R7 OFFICIAL 21 time siden
I miss your only friend, why can you do that to your friend ?
Homaid Khaled
Homaid Khaled 21 time siden
We should use watermelon in modern tank 🤣
lilraj raj
lilraj raj 21 time siden
Human brain us capable of 300000 thoughts per second,i think it can be slowed down,like the slow motion camera does...
grace Manullang
grace Manullang 21 time siden
gw kira awalnya ini behind the scene dynamite
Sourav Mp
Sourav Mp 21 time siden
So Colonel Ravi Varma thampuran was right!
MWB2Bleachfan 21 time siden
glad you didn't bust the tank, Amazing footage
DogCarMan 21 time siden
“Bath time!” “Squeak” Gold....
Torsivity 21 time siden
Awesome video, magic happens at 3:40
Pola & Tiger
Pola & Tiger 21 time siden
Atomic bomb slow mo?
masum ahmed
masum ahmed 21 time siden
Best way to cut an apple
Andrew Humphreys II 777
Andrew Humphreys II 777 21 time siden
Killjered killgreg killeded
Andrew Humphreys II 777
Andrew Humphreys II 777 21 time siden
The Gooberment-Sucks
The Gooberment-Sucks 21 time siden
So pretty much everything spun at too high of a rate comes apart, I wonder how fast the world could spin before that happens?
Alex 21 time siden
Is it coincidence or do the apples always break into 3 pieces?
r3drift 21 time siden
wow beautiful .. thats nature and stuff
VIII E ATHARV VERMA 21 time siden
how did you get Alvin's gun
Dan 21 time siden
remember when they allowed this on youtube? good times
Arun Bhaskar
Arun Bhaskar 21 time siden
beautiful video...
Yash P
Yash P 21 time siden
Poor apple
YoungDragon 22 timer siden
Its more like a tree. Reminds me of venom symbiote 3:50
Arunkumar B Ganiger
Arunkumar B Ganiger 22 timer siden
Ashish Dewangan
Ashish Dewangan 22 timer siden
Who came here after seeing a constructer using Air compressors to explode apple
Keeva Grace
Keeva Grace 22 timer siden
Poggers for God...,.,.,,..,,.,.,..,.,,.,.,..,,.,.,.,.,.,,.
Keeva Grace
Keeva Grace 22 timer siden
Poggers for God..,..,..
Keeva Grace
Keeva Grace 22 timer siden
Poggers for God...,,
Smol Chungus
Smol Chungus 22 timer siden
Apple: *6565 RPM Osu players: *_"Pathetic"_*
Divyani Shahu
Divyani Shahu 22 timer siden
anonymous 22 timer siden
You look like hacksmith
Benedict MacAnon
Benedict MacAnon 22 timer siden
4:30 when boys hit puberty
Raditya Himawan
Raditya Himawan 22 timer siden
Love the hair!
Kevinpaul Palomo
Kevinpaul Palomo 22 timer siden
Use it in comet passing near earth
RoyalFlush888 22 timer siden
I don't understand the numbers, but i enjoy watching the apple explode
The Eternal17
The Eternal17 22 timer siden
Bruh guys why did you do that at the beginning
The Eternal17
The Eternal17 22 timer siden
Looks like this would’ve come in handy these days...
YoungDragon 22 timer siden
You just charged me 2:25
YoungDragon 22 timer siden
Saw 0:25 Glass tech in brain allows me to see some light out of regular 3d light spectrum... Artificially
The Flying Doge
The Flying Doge 22 timer siden
ISW916 23 timer siden
Funny how you guys are using a USA quarter instead of whatever country you’re in
NorteK 23 timer siden
Dan looks like Emperor :D DNB producer
Karl Dunne
Karl Dunne 23 timer siden
Got a fast a fast malteaser!!...🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
AGwolf2097 23 timer siden
New Gadget Store
New Gadget Store 23 timer siden
more interested on the camera ...................... @[email protected]
memelord :yt:
memelord :yt: 23 timer siden
Welcome to the slow mo guys Today we have a 928,817.182,817,011,281,123 quadrillion fps camera
Nathan T
Nathan T 23 timer siden
Why the sky is blue the grass is green the ladder is red and the house/ some fence is yellow
Marley L
Marley L 23 timer siden
DosPaco 23 timer siden
Rohan Bari
Rohan Bari Dag siden
You guys have brought Tom and Jerry's show here.
Wayne Stewart
Wayne Stewart Dag siden
Thanks Gav and Destin. That was fantasticly entertaining.
Jeremiah Stewart
Jeremiah Stewart Dag siden
Am I the only one who changes the NOpost settings to make this even slower?
monkeyadventures Dag siden
10:49 turn on captions here
Karl Dunne
Karl Dunne Dag siden
That Apple can rotate almost as fast as an Old school Ferrari engine!!....(Redline @ 7,000rpm)😯
monkeyadventures Dag siden
5:12 gta car
Some Extra
Some Extra Dag siden
If earth is ever in danger, we're sending these guys to defend us.
monkeyadventures Dag siden
2:47 he sounded like stampy
Angriest Lemon
Angriest Lemon Dag siden
4:43 "Be careful if you crash a car" Good advice people, remember to crash your cars safely
Stranger Danger
Stranger Danger Dag siden
So the wind made the apple rotate so fast that mitosis happened?? 😂
Joseph Hartke
Joseph Hartke Dag siden
God he looks like Matt
Jack Longley
Jack Longley Dag siden
Sonoluminecence That would be fascinating to see at a million frames
George Erfesoglou
George Erfesoglou Dag siden
What would happen if you sliced the apple a bit before doing the rotation?
Coffee Break
Coffee Break Dag siden
Try recording a SABOT round
Kirill Obraztsov
Kirill Obraztsov Dag siden
tho only channel where i wiill unpause and watch the add at the end
Adam Silver
Adam Silver Dag siden
I can slowly hear the Interstellar music playing in my mind as I watch the apple spin.
ShakStar26 Official
ShakStar26 Official Dag siden
Where can I buy one