Spinning an Apple until it Explodes at 28,500fps - The Slow Mo Guys

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The Slow Mo Guys

4 måneder siden

Compressed air can be used to levitate rounded objects. Sometimes said rounded objects start spinning so fast that they give up on being round objects. Gav films all the action over 1000x times slower than real time. Check out KiwiCo.com/SlowMoGuys and get your first month free!
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Spinning an Apple until it Explodes at 28,500fps - The Slow Mo Guys

The Slow Mo Guys
The Slow Mo Guys 4 måneder siden
Dan is still unable to enter the US by air due to Covid. Don't worry, though. I've heard reports that he went underground and started tunneling this way in April. - Gav
Dave Fred
Dave Fred 3 dager siden
@Thomas Mortimore Why do you want them to die?
The Hulk
The Hulk 4 dager siden
Lol that's good to know
Robbie Sayers
Robbie Sayers 5 dager siden
, the slowmoguys themselves don’t have good slowmo cameras
Mitch Grove
Mitch Grove 5 dager siden
Good! I miss him
The Eternal17
The Eternal17 6 dager siden
Finished that tunnel yet?
Tyler Morgan
Tyler Morgan 8 minutter siden
Do an orange please
Patrick Cannady
Patrick Cannady 11 minutter siden
I know you're alone, but keep the videos going! We love them.
Un tipo mas en Youtube
Un tipo mas en Youtube 25 minutter siden
Lesson 5
JaredOnAir Time siden
Lmao the apples gone before he even blinks
TheCyclone Time siden
Thomas Martin
Thomas Martin Time siden
Pool balls!
Thomas Martin
Thomas Martin Time siden
Coconuts! 🥥
Supremetaco Time siden
Do a tomato !!
Schooges Time siden
Pleas use a orange ore somthing els 🙏
Bovineicide Time siden
KorbinX Time siden
To think I used to do this with wooden handle screwdrivers in my dad's shop when I was little lol
Sam Time siden
These cameras are amazing
Ben D.
Ben D. 2 timer siden
Wow I haven’t seen Gavin in a while, he’s gotten old! He’s so mature and serious now, this is weird
Sonny J
Sonny J 2 timer siden
So the apples nope speed is 404 error away from 6969
Raspian Kiado
Raspian Kiado 2 timer siden
4:08 Newton getting revenge on the apple who hit his head, using aerodynamics.
Isaiah Thompson
Isaiah Thompson 2 timer siden
You should do a video of spinning the apple until it cracks right down the sharpie line.
James Klark
James Klark 2 timer siden
Cool, now do this was the earth.
flcl3 3 timer siden
What about other round fruit? Oranges, grapes, lemons, limes...dragon fruit? We must know the limits of this! For science!
A Twin
A Twin 3 timer siden
And what about an orange? Would you be able to spin it and make orange juice?😋
MotoNut 3 timer siden
Definitely do an orange. We used to toss oranges out the back of my friends old Toyota Land Cruiser (we sat in the back) at 60+ mph. The orange would spin up to speed on the road and expand in the center as the sides shrunk in. Then it would explode. I grew up in the Central Valley of California where orange orchards covered most of the land so oranges that would fall off the trees pretty much littered the side of every road.
Robplayswithdragons 4 timer siden
i swear that apple was sliced by air in a perfect half.. before it exploded more.. but still it was halfs i swear
IL62 M
IL62 M 4 timer siden
guy looks medieval
ike o
ike o 4 timer siden
I don't think that apple was very happy about what happened
Pavel 4 timer siden
Ez splinter grenade
Peter Colless
Peter Colless 5 timer siden
What's the fastest something has rotated in air ?
Janosch 5 timer siden
that could be sutch a good apple juice add
TheNolinator 5 timer siden
I love it when rps = fps
NicknameGeneratorFailed 5 timer siden
I restarted the explanation so many times and still can't imagine how the apple just hangs up there. Would someone smarter than me be so kind to dumb it down for me a bit more please? :?
Giblo 6 timer siden
wait, where's Dan?
jacob robison
jacob robison 6 timer siden
Note to self , Use thicker gloves when exploding things at 6500 rpm less than 20 inches from hands.
pietro cecotti
pietro cecotti 6 timer siden
Didn’t get why it brakes
James Bond
James Bond 6 timer siden
I thought you were Rhett from GMM
Locke Da'boss
Locke Da'boss 7 timer siden
I like how he's wearing ear protection like the apple gonna transform into a bomb. 🤣
kx1811 David'sonlyfansistgeil
kx1811 David'sonlyfansistgeil 7 timer siden
james brossEAU
james brossEAU 7 timer siden
Adam C
Adam C 7 timer siden
Skip to 4:05 to see what you came for
Hi-TyCh 7 timer siden
They didn't do this first. But it's still cool to watch.
Reyhan Devara
Reyhan Devara 8 timer siden
I legit thought that you were Rhett from GMM 😂
Nayan Sharma
Nayan Sharma 8 timer siden
Matrix glitched Again...
Chris King
Chris King 8 timer siden
28,500 fps (feet per second)? I highly doubt it. If it was 28,500 rpm That would be much more believable
Mccool Files
Mccool Files 8 timer siden
Fast fwd to 4:05 youre welcome
Zagnerok 8 timer siden
Good experiment 👍👍
Aaron Stone
Aaron Stone 8 timer siden
I saw an Anker PowerHouse on the ground.. great tool lol
S_ von_Losch
S_ von_Losch 9 timer siden
He looks like Jesus with his mask 😅
Marek Ulicny
Marek Ulicny 9 timer siden
havent watched this guy in bare time why did he turn to jesus himself
Leonardo Gonçalves
Leonardo Gonçalves 9 timer siden
Jonathan Nadeau
Jonathan Nadeau 9 timer siden
The fascinating thing about these videos is to realize how slow human reflexes are.
Razzo 9 timer siden
tarun vadde
tarun vadde 9 timer siden
Can someone explain why did Apple explode?
Thomas Arnett
Thomas Arnett 9 timer siden
Fruit ninja without the ninja
Yusuf Dogan
Yusuf Dogan 10 timer siden
I just can't believe how slow humans are reacting to stuff exploding
Seerp 10 timer siden
Hi, just letting you know that Nadal is able to produce top spin of between 3600-5000 RPM. Just with a tennis racket, let that sink in.
Royke Senewe
Royke Senewe 10 timer siden
fake video
Devraj Rana
Devraj Rana 10 timer siden
Dr. Jackawl of SHAKTIMAAN
EkkoMr 10 timer siden
Dennis Wiebler
Dennis Wiebler 11 timer siden
What is the proposed maximal rotation speed the Apple could achieve if it's not snapping? Is there a Formular to this?
Daniel Them
Daniel Them 11 timer siden
Try with an orange
Fakenut 11 timer siden
... so the earth is flat! 😜
Pea Goat
Pea Goat 11 timer siden
I love how you can see delay when guy blinks :P
Александр 11 timer siden
How to cut an apple? Google: Take a knife and make slices Bing:
Umer Khayyam
Umer Khayyam 11 timer siden
Can you spin an egg?
ajkorras 11 timer siden
That's truly ab amazing camera!
Nigel Golightly
Nigel Golightly 11 timer siden
this can't be real because the world spins this fast yet we aren't exploding>???
Anthony Matias
Anthony Matias 12 timer siden
Watched the 2013 yt rewind and I had to pay homage to the OGs of NOpost
Matty B
Matty B 12 timer siden
2:17 C O N T E N T
Xryuu 12 timer siden
i know he is laging when the apple explode
Bran of Attrebates
Bran of Attrebates 13 timer siden
Love to see an Orange !
chemsou Harouit
chemsou Harouit 13 timer siden
What is fps?
Sofascialistadankula Megadonakeratosis
Sofascialistadankula Megadonakeratosis 13 timer siden
British Tom Green knows how to spin an apple with Bernoulli's principle
Charles Walton
Charles Walton 14 timer siden
Imma do this next time I go to one of those clean the inside of your car stations
Charles Walton
Charles Walton 14 timer siden
Looked like an orange when it was being spun
Max Priddy
Max Priddy 14 timer siden
How about this but with an orange?
MNN 14 timer siden
Where's the second dude?
Official Nuts
Official Nuts 15 timer siden
Why doesn’t earth split in half
Canuck 15 timer siden
I'd love to know the size of your camera's memory card or storage space....that's a lot of fps
kyran 15 timer siden
Got an apple ad😂😂
Cxntrxl 15 timer siden
4:24 was that the THX sound effect slowed down?
Jorge HT
Jorge HT 16 timer siden
What about an orange?
pavan kharche
pavan kharche 16 timer siden
Hi im shit
Hi im shit 16 timer siden
lets me say a thing to u :Fake
captaindowntown7851 15 timer siden
Well, your username says it all.
Hi im shit
Hi im shit 16 timer siden
and Im trump fans.😂😂😂😂😂
Hi im shit
Hi im shit 16 timer siden
the wrold is fake
Hi im shit
Hi im shit 16 timer siden
Hi im shit
Hi im shit 16 timer siden
very fake
philthy cat 1
philthy cat 1 17 timer siden
I can't get Spike Milligan out my head for some reason.
Federico Selmi
Federico Selmi 17 timer siden
The title of this video should be: "how to cut an apple in a creative way"
Vivek Chandra
Vivek Chandra 17 timer siden
Try a waxed Apple after super smoothing it's surface.
Vivek Chandra
Vivek Chandra 17 timer siden
5:17 It happens due to little irregularities on the (otherwise seemingly) smooth surface of the Apple. As stream or gush of air starts to find one such irregularity, it tears Apple from that point onwards
PS4 Games
PS4 Games 17 timer siden
The slow mo guys became the slow mo guy.
Joe 17 timer siden
Now, he is slow mo guy.
Saudi Prince
Saudi Prince 17 timer siden
Sounds like a dive bomber wtf
RobNoob Gaming
RobNoob Gaming 18 timer siden
Gyro is proud of you
nomad with a camera
nomad with a camera 18 timer siden
Wears facesheild but proceeds to get 6 through and throughs by the pips to the chest.
MikeRosoftJH 18 timer siden
Reminds me of a scene from a 'My Little Pony' fan fiction, where a changeling tried to levitate an apple. "In the middle of the chaos stood a changeling wearing an elaborate set of goggles, intently focusing his magic on an apple. The apple shook for a second, then violently exploded, splattering the changeling’s goggles with apple guts. 'Well then,' he said, sliding the goggles onto his forehead. 'That was actually pretty predictable. Perhaps if I used a banana...' " [later] "A very loud bang [sounded] back the way they came, followed by a shout of 'Bananas are awesome!' "
ivan shenev
ivan shenev 18 timer siden
Guys can you hit two hammers together in slo mo?
jerry larch
jerry larch 18 timer siden
Awesome! Can you maybe try with another fruit that has a different internal structure, like maybe an orange? I wonder if the individual segments would fly apart?
user010 18 timer siden
i watched it at 0.25x slo moshun
audofit 18 timer siden
Yeah we wouldn't survive going through any black hole lol
TealAppeal 80
TealAppeal 80 18 timer siden
nothing slow about gavins hair growth
I_Nvade 19 timer siden
Do a 🍉 watermelon and an orange 🍊
Matthew Hernandez
Matthew Hernandez 19 timer siden
The planet in 2021
Maxamed Cumar
Maxamed Cumar 19 timer siden
Why am I getting these recommendations ... in Ramadan?
Ankush Dongre
Ankush Dongre 19 timer siden
Me - at .25x
Automatic pool stick vs. strangers
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