Ultrasonic Obliterator at 170,000fps - The Slow Mo Guys

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3 måneder siden

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When it really comes down to it, in this video Gav is filming a vibrating stick in slow mo. However, not all sticks vibrate. Especially not as fast as this one.
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Filmed with the Phantom V2511
Ultrasonic Obliterator at 170,000fps - The Slow Mo Guys

j Fj
j Fj Time siden
It seems so odd that a Soda Can wasn't blown up with this machine.
Great Exchange
Great Exchange 3 timer siden
its hilarious when Gavin spouts a bunch of stuff that sounds really smart then afterwards says something like "lens-hole" goofy just gets me XD
Dragan Crnogorac
Dragan Crnogorac 3 timer siden
It says obliterator in title so... Gotta see that
Chris Tackett
Chris Tackett 4 timer siden
Diamond anvil?
Mamba 5 timer siden
6:29 I didn't thought that i will ever see an slowed down video with less than 60 fps at the slo mo guys channel.
Randy Bennett
Randy Bennett 5 timer siden
andre pirellas
andre pirellas 5 timer siden
Loved the video! But where did you find a hairy shirt like that? want one for winter!
Joseph Oarson
Joseph Oarson 5 timer siden
Pause at 9:13 and you notice it even cratered the table.
chrism95 6 timer siden
Use this on a lock, Im very curious how effective this is as getting through things
kx1811 David'sonlyfansistgeil
kx1811 David'sonlyfansistgeil 6 timer siden
Trikoz Euztace
Trikoz Euztace 11 timer siden
Too small or Too Slow? 🤔🤔
einstein germano
einstein germano 12 timer siden
dentist flashback
caxshen 14 timer siden
the only scary thing is i have to watch the ads 3 times for this 10 min long video.
flog 15 timer siden
can you make mayo with it in a second?
StickyLab Home
StickyLab Home 15 timer siden
this is kind of drill or what xD? at polish, we don't have replacement word for "Obliterator" XD
Entrophany 17 timer siden
I don't think you fully understand what you've just done here. You are very close to the Teslas big secret
QuestGiver 18 timer siden
Can you stir drinks with it?
Soika 18 timer siden
smash a glass cup with it, in slow motion ofc, but it would be great seeing the cracks forming up from that one spot where that obliterator was making contact
Rameez Akhtar
Rameez Akhtar 18 timer siden
Have I missed something? Where's the other guy? Please help
MONSTER DEFENDER 18 timer siden
these guys filming at 170k fps me with 20
Ishu Boro
Ishu Boro 19 timer siden
Imagine that thing punching your tooth
Jack Longley
Jack Longley 22 timer siden
Sonoluminecence That would be fascinating to see at a million frames
Peter Kaas
Peter Kaas Dag siden
Attach a razor blade on the end to create an ultra-sonic knife and cut through stuff.
MrTwisted Dag siden
I'd like to see this more. How about on much harder surfaces like glass and marble. And what will it do to a glass marble =D
sesmcawameqi Dag siden
In batman it was a microwave
Dem cny
Dem cny Dag siden
2:41 that shot with the light and music reminds me so much of the 'SloMo' drug shots in the Dredd movie
Endomine Dag siden
That's alien technology, where did you get it... Is it Mark? Did Mark Zuckerberg gave you that?
Jonathan Craven
Jonathan Craven Dag siden
What if you tried super gluing something to the end of the probe?
Petals S
Petals S Dag siden
초음파(?) 가습기가 이런 식으로 작동하는구나... ㅎㄷㄷ
Herp Derp
Herp Derp Dag siden
hit glass with it. and a ruperts drop while you're at it
Dulguun Otgon
Dulguun Otgon Dag siden
I tried sticking my finger in water with ultrasonic humidifier under it. My fingertip bone instantly hurt lol
john michael
john michael Dag siden
slow mo the double slit experiment hitting glow in the dark paint first with a red laser and then with a blue laser to test at what point it becomes a particle ( glow in paint charged) or not
Camilo Varón
Camilo Varón Dag siden
I´m amazed by the mechanics of the device, what kind of rotor or motor is used in this devices? can somebody explain?
Jacob Anawalt
Jacob Anawalt 2 dager siden
Sonic screwdriver
Spac8 2 dager siden
Sonic screwdriver.
porcipine 420
porcipine 420 2 dager siden
i need a ultra sonic for weed
J Fess
J Fess 2 dager siden
The only piece of laboratory equipment that I can think of at the moment is a "wrist-action flask shaker". Mainly because the name is hilarious and sounds somewhat off color.
bruh moment. inc
bruh moment. inc 2 dager siden
It's so surreal to see the tip moving but the liquid not
J&A T 2 dager siden
Dan isn't around, and your hair has become unreasonably long. Begs the question, did Dan cut your hair normally?
Nix 86
Nix 86 2 dager siden
When the camera couldn't decide what color to pick for the little specs of water, made it look like looking up at the night sky with all the stars sparkling lol
DJ Ling
DJ Ling 2 dager siden
Soooooooo, technically, you can break Magneto out with speed? Nice.
Jules D
Jules D 2 dager siden
Could be used for a futuristic cooking oil sprayer
benjamin hansen
benjamin hansen 2 dager siden
This must be the best instant mayo making machine ever xD
Abu Hajaar
Abu Hajaar 2 dager siden
5:54 ATTENTION! He´s talking to us from the edit. Keep everything ready in case we need to abort and take him out of there. We have trained for this, everybody on their position!
Nathan Schumacher
Nathan Schumacher 2 dager siden
AMAZING no wonder people subscribe to this stuff, love it
MK Uis
MK Uis 3 dager siden
only if my finger tip can vibrate like that when I touch you...
LHSlash 3 dager siden
What happened with his boyfriend?
Amir 3 dager siden
I can imagine some companies wanting to make an adult toy out of this...
will2see 3 dager siden
Where is the other dude?
Malayin 3 dager siden
This is what I think flash's punches would actually be like.
andrew olson
andrew olson 3 dager siden
I was think this would be useful to mix oil paints but I'm wondering if the linseed oil would catch fire or explode?
Bartyron 3 dager siden
It's great for picking the nose..
Kyra Zimmer
Kyra Zimmer 3 dager siden
you should film what the ultrasonic does to some bulletproof glass or something
Edward White
Edward White 3 dager siden
That's funny
Paff Zone
Paff Zone 3 dager siden
My subaru does this for free😂
Pepa 3 dager siden
So its electric toothbrush :D ....
Athena Kurokage
Athena Kurokage 3 dager siden
go to the stone
David Arias
David Arias 3 dager siden
Im going to sell these to starbucks to froth their milk.
Icyhate 4 dager siden
Supposed to put the tip at the interface between the 2 fluids
Sean O'Brien
Sean O'Brien 4 dager siden
where dan
James M
James M 4 dager siden
30,000 times per second? that is MIND BLOWING.
Baterodalo 4 dager siden
Try Droping a little drop of water on top of it while on. Placing like aluminum foil on top and turn it on. Place any other sheet metal but a tiny bit thicker(one that doesnt bend just by blowing air at it). Touching a object in suspension (like newton's pendulum or something)
kenny master
kenny master 4 dager siden
Because it is the truth at the purest point, Science is all I love.
Faiz _
Faiz _ 4 dager siden
I'm not trying to make joke, but imagine when all this things recorded till everything not moving and suddenly someone walking casually while eating apple
Karin [CAR-in, not CARE-en]
Karin [CAR-in, not CARE-en] 4 dager siden
Oh, the old shirt is actually a knit fabric (you can tell by the way the threads loop - a lot of T-shirts and the like are made from knitted fabric as it makes them stretchier), that's why as soon as one of the thread snaps, the whole area loses its integrity like that. Would be interesting to see a woven bit of fabric for comparison (and, you know, other types of fabric too! felted, for example), and/or different materials (cotton vs acrylic vs silk, for example), if you're ever bored and want to play some more with this thing. Or if you just want to visit the craft store and film yourself destroying a bunch of stuff in slow motion. :-)
Glionard James Tindogan
Glionard James Tindogan 5 dager siden
can you try it on glass?
Imtihan Ahmed
Imtihan Ahmed 5 dager siden
should have tried making mayonnaise with it and see how quickly it can make it
Woodsy5791 woodsy5791
Woodsy5791 woodsy5791 5 dager siden
I thought I was watching the life of Brian at first.
Neuroszima 5 dager siden
i wonder where did the other guy from the original "slowmo guys" go
ForseenSt0rm 5 dager siden
Did y’all split????
Roy Batty
Roy Batty 5 dager siden
Look at the power of the hydrophilic attraction of the water. Even at those ridiculous vibration speeds, some of the water refuses to separate from the tip.
Bezimienny Grześ
Bezimienny Grześ 5 dager siden
make a toothbrush from it
Ziv Friedman
Ziv Friedman 5 dager siden
Absolutely a-m-a-z-i-n-g !
iamphilipe 5 dager siden
Try on a metal thing
Khiro YT
Khiro YT 5 dager siden
so u guys wouldnt mind the hair on hes shirt
LegoSam 20
LegoSam 20 5 dager siden
What song did you use for the slow motion?
Pete Harriss
Pete Harriss 5 dager siden
I want one to froth milk for my coffee
D. Cypher
D. Cypher 6 dager siden
'After watching a docu-short about mini cavitation devices, a young college student was taken to the emergency room...' *patient Karen X. arrived at the ER, presenting: severe inner labial and clitoral swelling.* "...so, yes Doctor, i was watching this episode of 'The Slo Mo Guys' about..." 😐😐😳 😂😂😂🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️ ☀️😎🇺🇸☀️
Nicolás Cornejo
Nicolás Cornejo 6 dager siden
why is he alone now?
Gabrielsen 6 dager siden
Basically an womanizer on sterioids
The-Mike_D 6 dager siden
Idea: Film my ex's change in mood from somewhat normal to absolutely insane. Apologies if you need to purchase more expensive faster cameras, yours likely won't be able to capture it in time.
Zombieboss2002 6 dager siden
I've had this ultrasonic cleaner for a while which I use all the time and have been wondering whT it would look like in slo mo
Brandon_The Crow
Brandon_The Crow 6 dager siden
Could probably find a way to use something like that to make a real vibroblade.
0_rdinary Kyle
0_rdinary Kyle 7 dager siden
Can I buy one of these? Asking for a female friend.........
Steve C.B.
Steve C.B. 7 dager siden
Next time change shirts, and trim the rug to not show over the shirt... 😁
CMDR INDICA414 7 dager siden
Can see your trimmed beard hair on your T-shirt in 4K, mate
Blue 7 dager siden
Did you notice there was an extremely tiny drop of water that was "stuck" to the tip during your speed calculation segment of the vid? It's was pretty cool looking, almost like a bungee cord effect. Location is center-right
Johnber Kheen Repato
Johnber Kheen Repato 7 dager siden
wheres the other guy?
Nicolas R
Nicolas R 8 dager siden
Nice!! Try to do this with ink and (transparent) varnishes commonly used in large-format printing. That might give some interesting visual results because they are especially formulated for high-frequency jetting (piezos, etc)
Alexander 8 dager siden
So you could cook a chicken with this basicly.
Brian Lopez
Brian Lopez 8 dager siden
What would happen if you used it against glass? Would it make a clean hole or shatter the entire glass?
serineprotease 8 dager siden
@The Slow Mo Guys This technology is widely used for brain surgery. Look up CUSA surgery.
Kenneth Vaughan
Kenneth Vaughan 9 dager siden
Well that’s kind of scary... I have no recollection whatsoever of watching this video, or of making this observation by posting this comment... am I now doing things in my sleep?
Orkun Akar
Orkun Akar 9 dager siden
ultrasonic knife/ razor?
Blazze 10 dager siden
So if I was a sweet on the video to one fourth of the time 2 million * 25 equals 16 million frames per second
Skyline RS*R
Skyline RS*R 10 dager siden
Get another one and put them end to end and see if they synchronize or destroy eachother!
Johnny Joseph
Johnny Joseph 10 dager siden
How do they make these????? The engineering is insane
obi 10 dager siden
soo funny 🙃
Garrett Kittinger
Garrett Kittinger 11 dager siden
My ears were pierced by high frequencies when you vibrated the apple.
Bread Box
Bread Box 11 dager siden
Should try this on a piece of meat 🥩
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