1000 Paint-Covered Mousetraps in 4K Slow Motion - The Slow Mo Guys

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The Slow Mo Guys

4 måneder siden

After about 10 hours of setting mouse traps like an absolute Billy no mates, Gav sets off a nice fat colourful chain reaction that we can all sit down and watch together like a nice big slow mo family. This video is sponsored by Google One. one.google.com
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Filmed at 1000fps and 10000fps with the Phantom Flex 4k and Phantom v2511
Shot with the Bolt Cinebot
1000 Paint-Covered Mousetraps in 4K Slow Motion - The Slow Mo Guys

The Slow Mo Guys
The Slow Mo Guys 4 måneder siden
Glad I didn’t forget to record it. As with the last bunch of videos, I am solo because Dan cannot fly to the US at the moment due to Covid. He is however continuing to make excellent progress on his underground tunnel. Last I heard he was underneath Cornwall.
BlockParty! Dag siden
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Nobody else but me
Nobody else but me Dag siden
@BlockParty!OK well, you're coming across as a pre-programmed sheep. Since most people are and are incapable of thinking for themselves, we are all going to eventually lose the freedom we have to pursue what does sound fun. By the time people like you wake up, it'll be too late. Just ask anyone who has escaped any communist country.
BlockParty! Dag siden
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Nobody else but me
Nobody else but me Dag siden
@BlockParty! I'm not talking about perception. I'm talking about documented, unconstestable facts. Also, I am not at all capable of taking away your freedom in any way at all, so don't even THINK of accusing me of doing so. My posting here, no matter what I say, cannot affect you one bit unless you let it. YOU are in control of your life and that's how it should be. But I'm not your enemy. The evil people who now control the world ARE.
BlockParty! Dag siden
@Nobody else but me hey now. Let’s be respectful. We are all free to perceive events in our own individual way. I respect your freedom to perceive them the way you do and even empathized with you. Please don’t attempt to take away my freedom to perceive them the way I do, or be disrespectful if I see them differently. That’s fair isn’t it?
Plutonium 15 timer siden
he said he appreciates me:)
Sourabh Pure
Sourabh Pure Dag siden
Where is your friend ..? Why you make videos alone now ? I hope everything is fine there
Carsten Koloc
Carsten Koloc Dag siden
I do enjoy it.😜👍🥁
W.J.R. Halyn
W.J.R. Halyn Dag siden
You DO know this has been done before? Like, way back in the 1950s!?!? Disney, of all things, illustrated the principles of chain reactions in a short movie called "Our Friend the Atom 4 of 5 - Nuclear Reactions", where they put two ping pong balls each on a series of mousetraps, to illustrate how released neutrons hit other atoms and THEY release neutrons, etc. Quite fascinating, for its time. They ALSO used slow-mo when they played the reaction series a second time. I remember my dad telling me about it in the '60s, and then finally seeing the actual video, filmed in a room with mirrored walls, was pretty amazing for its time. Yours was, however, definitely the more colourful of the two sessions. But I can't help wondering how yours would've looked: A) in a more enclosed space to contain the flying traps, and B) having ping pong balls IN ADDITION to the coloured powder. THAT would've been awesome!! The Disney people had their mousetraps placed at random angles to each other with space between them all; yours are neatly lined up... more "energy dense", as it were. 03:07 - You called it "about a thousand". From what I can count on the screen, you seem to have an array of 30 rows times 15 wide.... a mere 450 or so. (YOU didn't count 'em?) I'm visualizing a setup of about 50 x 50 mousetraps square (total: 2,500), edge to edge, like yours, but touching (or nearly) on all four sides, with a couple ping pong balls AND coloured powder on each trap, in a small space only slightly larger than the floor space used by all the mousetraps, with a ceiling about 6 feet or so above them, forcing the released kinetic energy to remain focussed within that space. THEN film it at several speeds as the first ball is tossed into the traps zone! It would be a landmark in awesomeness. I'll even come down there and help set traps, just to see this thing live!
vlad luck
vlad luck 2 dager siden
he looks like tom hanks in cast away with no wilson
Ruben Fletcher
Ruben Fletcher 3 dager siden
Dude, cut the hair or tire it out of your face. Please!
TourPace64 3 dager siden
Mechanical, wind-up mouse, pointed directly at the traps!
Nisrasha 3 dager siden
Isn't anytime a pretty inconvenient time for an earthquake
3Minute Man
3Minute Man 4 dager siden
Amazing.Good determination.Good job.
Steven Kline
Steven Kline 5 dager siden
No one gonna talk about them shoes omg there amazing!!!
uko 5 dager siden
Image doing all this and didn't hit record.
unachieved 5 dager siden
you earned that grin at the end, the effort in this video is phenomenal. cheers mate
Camtis XR
Camtis XR 6 dager siden
Bro how scared was gav the putting that powder on thesre traps. 1 mistake and its all gon
BlockParty! 6 dager siden
Setting up those traps must have felt similar to setting up a domino effect. I’d love to film my domino toppling setups with Phantom cameras. The iPhone slow-mo just can’t compete 😂
Ron Michel
Ron Michel 7 dager siden
and we appreciate you!
ĸaιne 9 dager siden
I feel like this is Cast Away in a parallel universe
Rune H
Rune H 10 dager siden
Luca Capezio
Luca Capezio 11 dager siden
This looks like a Coldplay MV
Pauluz de WebKabouter
Pauluz de WebKabouter 11 dager siden
After seeing this ad with movie, I ordered 2 times the 2 TB storage!
Ry's Entertaining Entertainment
Ry's Entertaining Entertainment 11 dager siden
You all rock!
Yrgovhail Guiles
Yrgovhail Guiles 12 dager siden
I appreciate you too Gav.
PRODUCTIONmYOWN Herr Direktör 12 dager siden
How is Dan anyways? Would be nice to hear from him. Little hello-im-fine-how-are-you kind of video greetings perhaps?
Jef Natuurfilmer
Jef Natuurfilmer 13 dager siden
Dave k
Dave k 13 dager siden
Hamann9631 13 dager siden
I recently had a great idea. You did the gun race video where all modern cartridge style guns were racing (actually thier bullets). How about a lock time race. Lock time is the time from pulling the trigger to actually firing. It is definitely slower with the only technology like match lock and wheel lock.
asordid reality
asordid reality 16 dager siden
Every time the time lapse cut back to real time I had a mini panic moment, thinking that you were going back to real time to show a catastrophe...!
GippyHappy 16 dager siden
Poor Gav, having to do all this on his own. If you got even one person to help it would have taken 5 hours instead of 10. But I admire the dedication.
Full Send
Full Send 16 dager siden
As someone who’s been watching these guys for 7+ years, hearing “Hello the internet, I’m Gav” but then not hearing “I’m Dan” just shattered me 🥺🥺😭😭
Eric Emery
Eric Emery 16 dager siden
This is who you need to record! nopost.info/throw/tbS5eKHSqYp5etE/video
Dennis Johansen
Dennis Johansen 17 dager siden
Sadly, the normal speed triggering of the mouse traps was more satisfying to watch.
Deon Murr
Deon Murr 17 dager siden
Mousetrap Mondays, he can get yo money
Aaron Davids
Aaron Davids 18 dager siden
Gav has turned into Jesus
seriouslyconfused1 18 dager siden
WOW! i think i have a new favorite video on NOpost
santiago momo
santiago momo 18 dager siden
This video is like that meal at the end of the week when you eat only leftovers nut it's still a feast
DOT ROT 19 dager siden
Him and Dan are like Laurel and Hardy. Great video!
veyronpc 20 dager siden
365 traps would simbolize the doom of 2020, each day was a pain in the neck
Ashraful Haque
Ashraful Haque 20 dager siden
I remember your other mousetrap video that you guys did a while ago...where Dan jumped into the pool mousetrap itself.
Adam Dickinson
Adam Dickinson 21 dag siden
This is less guys more slow mo
The Dummy thiccer
The Dummy thiccer 22 dager siden
The amount of time this would take
Earth Titan
Earth Titan 22 dager siden
There are 930 mouse traps set before the final 2 rows. After those rows 992 mouse traps.
Yan YT
Yan YT 22 dager siden
Guys never use mouse traps u crush a cute little mousey's belly just because he needs food :( 😭
kathryn leskosky
kathryn leskosky 23 dager siden
Love your videos; looking forward to your reunion with Dan, stay healthy
Hubert Knap
Hubert Knap 23 dager siden
YosnaH 23 dager siden
will no one talk about the 35 min upload time for 87.08 GB worth of files like wtaf
bouncy217cub 25 dager siden
what music was used during the slow mo
Kyson Van Dyke
Kyson Van Dyke 26 dager siden
Music for the slow mo section?
sirmarek78 28 dager siden
This was super cool but how fast it actually gone :)
Fiyaaah 28 dager siden
6:01 In all honesty I just wanted to see you in pain instead of Dan for a change ;)
Stephan Comperatore
Stephan Comperatore 28 dager siden
Where’s Dan?
ClonaClox9999 / Celery
ClonaClox9999 / Celery 29 dager siden
I don’t see why you should have to pay for digital storage. Per month no less. Apparently google doesn’t have enough money.
nedac Måned siden
Atack on titan into??!?!!!?!
Carlos Måned siden
We appreciate you too!
lubomir kubas
lubomir kubas Måned siden
6,666 co,mments
lubomir kubas
lubomir kubas Måned siden
more like commas!
lubomir kubas
lubomir kubas Måned siden
00:08:30 second law of THERMODYNAMICS
Cheap Traveling Trev
Cheap Traveling Trev Måned siden
7:26 sooooo mesmerizing
alex Marshall
alex Marshall Måned siden
3.50 minutes..."I didn't have to get anything for this video..." How's about a life👉🚮👈👉🚾👈💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤👈
SaphiraPrime15 Måned siden
10 hours done in 10 seconds. 😅 But the was really impressed mate. 😃👏🏻
ladiesman2048 Måned siden
I'd say the setup effort was worth the footage.
LinkSkywalker175 Måned siden
worth it
RubiksGod97 Måned siden
So I counted the how many mousetraps are in each row, and then I counted how many rows there are. There are 32 rows 29 mousetraps in each row. Which means there were a total of 928 mousetraps.
sourov baruah
sourov baruah Måned siden
Missing Dan
Faran shahzad
Faran shahzad Måned siden
Where is Dan
T J Måned siden
You set 928 mouse traps
Bro new wallpaper for my pc
Seywan Sina
Seywan Sina Måned siden
But i wanted to see the slow mo!
Spencer Parks
Spencer Parks Måned siden
How did you get those shots dollying across the top?!?!
Kimrcz Måned siden
That was astonishing Gav!
Jack Rogers, Jr.
Jack Rogers, Jr. Måned siden
I’m glad it went off first try!! Didn’t have to go overboard and blow it up like a mythbuster!!!
MrAnd3rsson Måned siden
Honestly, I'm more impressed with the set-up then the slow-mo shot :O Surprised they didn't go off mid set-up
Hatman Måned siden
6:30 It's at moments like this i wish life had save slots.
Humble Mogwai
Humble Mogwai Måned siden
Those Shoes are so cool!
Wesley Pruett
Wesley Pruett Måned siden
i miss dan :( stupid virus .
Jory Barnes
Jory Barnes Måned siden
"Probably not a thousand, let's call it...900." Okay, anyone else go through and count the mousetraps? There are (about, it's hard to tell) 30 rows, and I know for sure there are 30 columns. Exactly 900.
TheRustedProp Måned siden
cut yo hair
Peace Forever
Peace Forever Måned siden
I will never go back to 1080p
Italia Ochoa
Italia Ochoa Måned siden
Happy Pickle
Happy Pickle Måned siden
Wheres the other one
Radosław Gebura
Radosław Gebura Måned siden
Mihai Nedea
Mihai Nedea Måned siden
It was also nice to have a camera to record from the top
Daniel Waye
Daniel Waye Måned siden
Thanks for putting in so much time and effort for this. That sweeping shot was amazing!
Ryan Corriveau
Ryan Corriveau Måned siden
928 mousetraps were in this if my counting was correct, plus the 5 he threw on them
The Muddler
The Muddler Måned siden
My War.
Jeße J Farb
Jeße J Farb Måned siden
We appreciate you too Gavin.
Gabitron88 Måned siden
One of the best videos i've seen in a while. But bro, Gav, you doing ok homie?
Joanna Eastham
Joanna Eastham 2 måneder siden
So satisfying
pianobros 2 måneder siden
4K tv? Lol nope same as usual - watching on a cracked iPhone on my couch
A BAD BACON 2 måneder siden
That to me looked like an Airplane strafing run on a wooden roof. If you replaced the paint with different wood and dust shades and painted the traps to look like shingles
dzeckha2 2 måneder siden
I count 32 x 30 aka 960.
panta enthusiast
panta enthusiast 2 måneder siden
i want gavin's shoes where do i find those!!!!
Anthony Ayala
Anthony Ayala 2 måneder siden
I've counted 928.. anyone else?
MoteKat 2 måneder siden
10 Hours gone in just 10 seconds :/
Drgnflms7 2 måneder siden
10hrs for 5 seconds of pure awesomeness! Thnx for the epicness
The RejectedKing
The RejectedKing 2 måneder siden
Where is dan
Ndwrd 2 måneder siden
I watch these videos with double speed on, to take the fun out of watching them in slow motion.
Acid Reign
Acid Reign 2 måneder siden
5:13 imagine right now, an actual mouse came running in from nowhere...
Alex Morris
Alex Morris 2 måneder siden
i sticked with you
Alex Morris
Alex Morris 2 måneder siden
never lets me down on entertaining videos been watching for 5 years
BrownMarxist 2 måneder siden
Nobody takes Alen's cheese and gets away with it
Ki Bradders
Ki Bradders 2 måneder siden
8:00 is now my desktop background. So thank you for that :D
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