How a Tranquilizer Dart Works in Slow Motion - The Slow Mo Guys

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Gav and Dan learn about tranquilizer dart physics using slow mo as a helpful tool. Don't try this at home unless you have 400lb gorilla running at full clip towards you. Watch outtakes here!
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Filmed at 1000fps and 3000fps with a Phantom Flex 4K
How a Tranquilizer Dart Works in Slow Motion - The Slow Mo Guys

ABC FPS 2 timer siden
13:15 is the best part
daniel garcia
daniel garcia 3 timer siden
Whew can I get one I am not joking that is a genuine question I really want one
cosmiceon 8 timer siden
Non return valve is also called a check-valve if anybody was wondering!
J F 11 timer siden
What, no carfentanyl?
Keeva Grace
Keeva Grace 22 timer siden
Poggers for God...,.,.,,..,,.,.,..,.,,.,.,..,,.,.,.,.,.,,.
Eve Sharpie
Eve Sharpie Dag siden
Covid shots for those troublesome karens
Sauhaardya Das
Sauhaardya Das Dag siden
More like holi hai in the end😄
FALKOR 2 dager siden
7:39 for thumbnail
Philip Byrnes
Philip Byrnes 2 dager siden
Yup, squirting himself in the face made this one of your more memorable and funny videos as well as interesting teaching lol. Thanks guys, great stuff as usual 😎👍
MightyNaguipok 2 dager siden
Oooooo I can craft that to calm down my annoying cousin!
neogator26 2 dager siden
We need a link for the darts please. lol. Seriously though...
Meli deMelon
Meli deMelon 2 dager siden
this channel is like you and your sibling playing around with Mom's phone, but way more professional
Varizen87 3 dager siden
I can't wait for Dan to return.
EPERM 4 dager siden
Is gav in the Gregory brothers?
Dean Swanepoel
Dean Swanepoel 4 dager siden
8:50 lol NSFW
Sus 4 dager siden
Imagine something that picks up more thrust so fast when you throw it that it just infinitely gets faster. Now imagine that hitting someone after 2 hours.
Lucas Reimer
Lucas Reimer 5 dager siden
i wonder what those 8.5k dislikes are doing with their lives
Tom Wright
Tom Wright 5 dager siden
3000 frames a second, crikey.
WPEZ Kind 5 dager siden
Person on the Intergroogles
Person on the Intergroogles 6 dager siden
GUWAHWEHSTRAITHU 4:16 I dunno this was just funny for me
Luke Ayers
Luke Ayers 6 dager siden
Why does he run to the camera so fast?
Boofenshmirtz 6 dager siden
Why does Dan look like Q from Impractical Jokers
Nowak284 _
Nowak284 _ 6 dager siden
4:45 slowmo dart
Etaash Mathamsetty
Etaash Mathamsetty 6 dager siden
I actually wrote some of the captions for this video (they are not there lol)
Sleepy Pineapple
Sleepy Pineapple 6 dager siden
I thought he was gonna test the Tranquilizer on his friend lol
Don't Click This Channel Unless ur Nice
Don't Click This Channel Unless ur Nice 6 dager siden
I love you guys ☺😄
Jill Bertschy
Jill Bertschy 7 dager siden
9:35 that knots a blow gun that is a blow Canon
D4rkSekai Riif
D4rkSekai Riif 7 dager siden
At 9:05 that bouncing sounded like the Netflix Introduction FX 😂😂😂
Darkwrath05 5 dager siden
Adit Bishnoi
Adit Bishnoi 7 dager siden
I watched this video painfully thinking of the needles
jovan creeper
jovan creeper 7 dager siden
That like a apfsds tank bullet
Shane Veale
Shane Veale 7 dager siden
This takes shooting heroin to a whole new level
Noob Destroyer
Noob Destroyer 8 dager siden
8:52 i see that
AssassinMods 8 dager siden
so for the shooting thru water idea ..use a small waterfall water fountain and a water pistol.. one with color one with water.. maybe even line a couple up in a row and try to mix colors to make a new color
Matt Rounds
Matt Rounds 8 dager siden
4:47 minecraft death sound origin
genwood800 8 dager siden
3400 comment snipe
БрусокPlay 8 dager siden
русские есть?
Carlos Rodriguez
Carlos Rodriguez 8 dager siden
Imagine filling that thing up with some dangerous chemical that would be lethal!!!
Katana274 8 dager siden
*Shot on IPhone*
Cooper Tebay
Cooper Tebay 9 dager siden
Fist it’s a fur then carcass then Hide
ImReally Confused
ImReally Confused 10 dager siden
Doctor: You need to add a dru- The Slow Mo Guys: LEtS AdD FoOD COLouRING
Dick Spider
Dick Spider 11 dager siden
the solution to anit vaxers
Callum - カラム
Callum - カラム 10 dager siden
Lmao true
luuk janssen
luuk janssen 11 dager siden
at 7:12.. do i see a single little glitter sparkle from the last video?
Dylan Garcia
Dylan Garcia 12 dager siden
This looks like blade video effects
Natural Fade kowalski
Natural Fade kowalski 13 dager siden
bruh soo ur telling me u still need 100 of those for a giga?
NeonPenguin09 13 dager siden
3:54 “Aww, you’ve got to give it more beans”
Cancer Smoothie
Cancer Smoothie 11 dager siden
William osman
Patman 14 dager siden
should have put clear scotch tape so it didnt pop
JJellMeister 15 dager siden
No guys! Its called hide because the animal failed to hide from you! Or else you wouldn't be able to see its "hide"
Hawkk 15 dager siden
Learn more things on NOpost than at college
Marek Klučka
Marek Klučka 15 dager siden
If you'd put some (duc)tape over the baloon, it shouldn't burst, and you could see how fast it can colour that amount of water. Anyway great vid!
Techstriker1 15 dager siden
This adds a whole new context to all the movies where people accidentally get hit with tranq darts. D:
Jules Rey
Jules Rey 17 dager siden
I really enjoy watching 13:15 at 0.25 speed You can see Gav blinking before the rest of him flinch
Dylan P.
Dylan P. 18 dager siden
4:47 Guess he's playing before 1.6.
I D 18 dager siden
8:51 nsfw moment :3
MrHeadShotFTW 18 dager siden
dude that is so cool slow-mo but feel gonna pass out just watching to this needles... LMAO
olakase53 DD
olakase53 DD 19 dager siden
12:30 you don't fool me, that's repulsion gel from portal 2
yolanda zhou
yolanda zhou 19 dager siden
11:00 to 11:30 was a beautiful shot. Love the slow mo
CYGNUS 20 dager siden
*Happy Holi guys* 🤗
bigBoi 20 dager siden
The guy on the left reminds me of InThe!ittleWood
Zuphox 27 dager siden
These cameras cost more than each part of my body combined
ToothlessLightfury1 Måned siden
the doctor: i will make the vaccine very quick. me: okay the doctor: proceeds to put the needle in super fast and inject super slowly
It's a me! _
It's a me! _ Måned siden
Why is this 8K?
Wiktor Musiał
Wiktor Musiał 29 dager siden
Idk but cool
krazyllah Måned siden
"They say it can pierce the skin of a rhino from a hundr..."
DukDuk Productions
DukDuk Productions Måned siden
6:14 Dan is The Sniper.
ねこ丸 TECH.研究所
ねこ丸 TECH.研究所 Måned siden
You guys do very dangerous things. The length of the needle is sufficient to reach the lungs and heart.
PePpA tHe oOf
PePpA tHe oOf Måned siden
-Animal- **Person**
christopher damjanovic
christopher damjanovic Måned siden
13:16 money shot
roblox gamer 666
roblox gamer 666 Måned siden
8:51 I dare you to look at the facecam
Mr. Readfolio
Mr. Readfolio Måned siden
Dam so it it's pressurised and there is a sense in it and it gets in your eye you can pass out and get eaten alive right.
M Freeman
M Freeman Måned siden
8:53 How did I see the "NSFW" before anything else 😣
CinderellasSober Måned siden
"i need a moist towlet!" LMAOOOO!!! funniest thing ive heard!!
Dark Stranger
Dark Stranger Måned siden
All that *wa'er* flying around expensive gear!
Michelle Fields
Michelle Fields 2 måneder siden
The lean cub naively trip because salt astonishingly drag besides a good robert. homeless, evasive goldfish
Robert Mcloud
Robert Mcloud 2 måneder siden
tape on balloon should stop it from popping shoot through the tape
Rakshit Awasthi
Rakshit Awasthi 2 måneder siden
Legends are those who are watching this video at 0.25x speed
unknown usr
unknown usr 2 måneder siden
Here's a tip for this. Don't puff your cheeks
C N 2 måneder siden
Coughing on it in this day and age adds +10 poison damage.
Burak 2 måneder siden
NSFW detail lmao
Ocean's Blue
Ocean's Blue 2 måneder siden
8:52 didnt need slow mo to get that caption
oni playz
oni playz 2 måneder siden
NarsHokageRider 2 måneder siden
Can you try it to a meat? Or steak??
resistnonexist 2 måneder siden
this will be less impressive after the blowpipe nerf
FurY 2 måneder siden
Tf! this video is available in 8k
Brian Tracy
Brian Tracy 2 måneder siden
5:59 in... Might wanna check your pants there bud, sounded like a lil wet one
PlasticzG 2 måneder siden
"I have a bit of a cough at the moment"
Francisco Samir
Francisco Samir 2 måneder siden
This reminds me of the Simpsons
Ben ALGER 2 måneder siden
I am the 19,200,900th view
Runt Daddy
Runt Daddy 2 måneder siden
The guy on the right looks like Sal from impractical jokers
Felp421 2 måneder siden
Me turning on 8k when i have a 1080p monitor
Faiz Khalifa
Faiz Khalifa 2 måneder siden
Who remembers when Dwight tranquilized Stanley? 😂😂😂
Alan Earles
Alan Earles 2 måneder siden
should do this again with ballistic Gell
Sukamal Dash
Sukamal Dash 2 måneder siden
I'm new here, but these guys can be one of the greatest physics teachers out there.
Patrick 1995
Patrick 1995 2 måneder siden
AI Pilot
AI Pilot 2 måneder siden
You should do that again but next time use some clear ballistic gel with a piece of leather over the spot of penetration.
Mr9VOLT 2 måneder siden
8:48 haha
Caleb Cain
Caleb Cain 2 måneder siden
"Deadly Trumpet" "Lethal Bagpipe" Love it.
Caleb Cain
Caleb Cain 2 måneder siden
I've said this on other videos, and I'll say it again. NOTHING is X times slower, or X times smaller, etc. You sound like an idiot.
paul zapodeanu
paul zapodeanu 2 måneder siden
This looks fun, but useless. I mean, if you have to inject a small animal, you could prolly grab it then just inject it like you normally would. If it's a tiger, well I know I'm not getting within 2 meters of a tiger, that's for sure.
Tired Wizard
Tired Wizard 2 måneder siden
Did y'all ever get around to doing the colored water droplets video?
Reich spawN
Reich spawN 2 måneder siden
hahhaa the unintentional smurf at the end is just hilarious. Thx guys
Harry Battersby
Harry Battersby 2 måneder siden
13:16 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
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