How a Film Camera works in Slow Motion - The Slow Mo Guys

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Gav shows the impressive internals of an old 16mm motion picture camera by filming it in some lovely crisp 4K slow motion at 1000fps. Lights! Camera!......... well that's it, really.
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Filmed at 1000fps using a Phantom Flex 4K
How a Film Camera works in Slow Motion - The Slow Mo Guys

The Bobcat
The Bobcat 3 timer siden
This video was so cool I didn’t want it to end!
kx1811 David'sonlyfansistgeil
kx1811 David'sonlyfansistgeil 8 timer siden
dogomen11 9 timer siden
this is amazing
Arun Bhaskar
Arun Bhaskar 22 timer siden
beautiful video...
PeKame Dag siden
*The slow mo guy ... I miss Dan ...
Aparna Majumder
Aparna Majumder Dag siden
I Hate JEE mechanics But Love these🤤
TDM Player
TDM Player Dag siden
Bro where is your partner.....???
Fifmut 2 dager siden
Incredible. You're a great teacher Gav
wrongwayup 3 dager siden
Byron Wellburn
Byron Wellburn 3 dager siden
Willtun Cabrera
Willtun Cabrera 3 dager siden
Where’s Dan?
Rick Cimino
Rick Cimino 3 dager siden
unreal. you made a very complicated mechanical thing easy for an idiot like me to understand. thank you.
phani krishna Harsha
phani krishna Harsha 3 dager siden
Do digital camera
delorean237 3 dager siden
I wish Gav had been my science teacher
Terminally Chill
Terminally Chill 4 dager siden
If I wasn’t already subscribed, that subtle encouragement would have been more than enough.
Terminally Chill
Terminally Chill 4 dager siden
Bless you
audiogek 4 dager siden
I loved this one! Just don't understand youtube, recommending this 2 months late.
Magnus 6 dager siden
It's definitely more impressive that they built mechanical devices like that so long ago vs. anything digital today.
Dream XCVIII 6 dager siden
What I find most fascinating is that claw pulling the film down and how it doesn't just rip through the material of the film while moving that fast
BlockParty! 6 dager siden
I love this video!
mike curran
mike curran 7 dager siden
What kind of camera were nuclear tests filmed with? They had to be incredibly fast and operate under intense light. How could they go so fast and get the proper exposure?
Justin Good
Justin Good 8 dager siden
Coocoo clock...
Chubby Panda
Chubby Panda 9 dager siden
Couldn’t read what the letters spelled out that one time, but the video was cool so I subscribed
Timur Jinjolava
Timur Jinjolava 9 dager siden
DancerTanczy 11 dager siden
1:04 covid kicks in
Raven Miller
Raven Miller 12 dager siden
So this is where the term "Frames" comes from? the faster that roll goes, more pictures or frames will move into position, the smoother the image will be
Timo 13 dager siden
The fact that you can learn how a film camera works in just 7 minutes at 2 am is purely because of wonderfully knowledgeable and skilled youtube creators such as Gav (and Dan when he's around) and that is absolutely precious privilege of our time!
NGC 7635
NGC 7635 13 dager siden
I feel like the only appropriate way to watch this video is to record the screen with a camera so that I can watch the video of me using a camera to record the video of the guy who took a picture of himself with a camera using a camera to film another camera that was filming a camera
Jero Toro
Jero Toro 13 dager siden
This piece of engineering massively fails todays "planned obsolescence" standards. Society would be way too advanced by now if they kept making things with this level of precision and quality, big companies can't have that.
8bit72HAC 13 dager siden
It's really fun knowing an answer to something I never knew I had a question about: why there are holes in film. It all makes sense now! (gosh I love this channel)
TK Trooper
TK Trooper 14 dager siden
Why is it the richer these guys have got, Gav has evolved to look more and more like a homeless guy
AivarPlay 14 dager siden
ML EMELOVICH 14 dager siden
This video deserves deep respect,thanks a lot
boastmosttoast 15 dager siden
I should subscribe.
ProperJammy 15 dager siden
Amazing tech, timing, engineering, still works today. Don't make things like they used to (groan) hehe. No, seriously impressive though.
Nabeel Mazid
Nabeel Mazid 16 dager siden
As a filmmaker, id love to use your shots as overlays. its so unique and aesthetically pleasing to the eye
Ferahgo 16 dager siden
Yo Dawg, I heard you like cameras...
Thomas' Musings
Thomas' Musings 16 dager siden
Eric Emery
Eric Emery 16 dager siden
This is who you need to record!
c0mputer 16 dager siden
its like when you put your hand in front of your mouth and change expressions. Know what I'm saying?
Dragon Lord
Dragon Lord 16 dager siden
2:09 I love how he cuts himself off during the selfie bit🤣🤣🤣🤣
- B1gHorn08
- B1gHorn08 17 dager siden
That was an amazing video this time. Seeing that film tech is nuts.
Sentinela de Astaroth
Sentinela de Astaroth 17 dager siden
How did they control exposure???
Ditzj 17 dager siden
Awesome video!
FieldSweeper 17 dager siden
use a slow mo camera to view a slow mo camera. lol
FieldSweeper 17 dager siden
lol writing subscribe on the film was funny. Can't believe no one else commented on that. 6:08
cole udall
cole udall 17 dager siden
Really appreciate the color grading on this. Feels very filmic.
Petr Harmy
Petr Harmy 17 dager siden
I knew this was how a film camera worked (and actually, a film projector works pretty much the same way) but seeing it up close and in slomo like this was still entirely fascinating. 🙂
HowToDraw 17 dager siden
Awesome content
Squirl Boy
Squirl Boy 17 dager siden
Awesome way to tell ppl to subscribe
mrnoname1 18 dager siden
you're excused
Humorous Tumor
Humorous Tumor 18 dager siden
Wow everything today is digital and this video really makes me appreciate analog cameras. These were basically the equivalent to a wind up watch when it comes to precision but upscaled in size.
Hollow Mellon
Hollow Mellon 18 dager siden
2:17 😆
Ryan Keegan
Ryan Keegan 18 dager siden
Fascinating footage, supreme editing!
Seamus Tierney
Seamus Tierney 18 dager siden
Great Vid, what type of Periscope lens were you using to shoot the Extreme CU's with?
Craiova belgia
Craiova belgia 19 dager siden
Hello Can you make a video with the Morgellons/parasites found in the face masks?(brand new face masks) this is already everywhere in the internet LIKE SO THEY CAN SEE PLS
Dopravní Poradce
Dopravní Poradce 19 dager siden
Awesome video
Arlo C
Arlo C 19 dager siden
Did Gav go to get the milk
ferris5150 20 dager siden
really fascinating!
Владимир С МиромНовым
Владимир С МиромНовым 20 dager siden
lankyGigantic 20 dager siden
But what would the film look like? I'm. Guessing it's overexposed now.
Innokenty Vetkin
Innokenty Vetkin 20 dager siden
It's a bit sad you didn't mention the capstan here( It would also be fun to watch auto-loading fail at high speed.
Jonathan Agcopra
Jonathan Agcopra 20 dager siden
Hi slo mo guys! Just off the bat here, can you guys film a "skyfish" or "flying rods" in slow motion?
TealScarab 20 dager siden
Dude you look like Deep Purples Roger Glover!!
Aldo Huerta
Aldo Huerta 20 dager siden
Hannah Smith
Hannah Smith 21 dag siden
Oh my gosh this was such an interesting video. I was in awe.
Dark Matter
Dark Matter 21 dag siden
What happened to Dan?
Raven Nantz
Raven Nantz 21 dag siden
I know it’s hard to do a lot right now because of covid but you guys don’t upload as much as you used to and I really miss it and I understand you guys have live outside of NOpost but I think what you guys should do is team up with some chemists and film some Chemical reactions in slow mo to see what each reaction is like that would be something that would be cool for more uploads
Brian Link
Brian Link 21 dag siden
Should do a slow-mo of how modern freestyle drones can crash and keep going. That's cool to see.
Handsome Squidward
Handsome Squidward 21 dag siden
Show a 1,000,000 round per min gun in slow mo plz
Bertolt Bricht
Bertolt Bricht 21 dag siden
Bertolt Bricht Something I was wondering about for 20 Years in my life, thank you!
IMBwildrd 21 dag siden
Great camera angles in those close up shots Gav. I did enjoy this video, however, I miss Dan. How is he?? Are you both getting vaccinated so you can be together again?? Please give us an update on Dan, thanks :)
Lorenzo Bicocchi
Lorenzo Bicocchi 21 dag siden
Why you don't dedicate some slow motion to the chemical reactions?
Big Liz
Big Liz 21 dag siden
When is Dan returning
Timothy White
Timothy White 21 dag siden
What does it look like to shoot a bullet at a bullet in slowmo
UltimateGamble 22 dager siden
This video is amazing
Yusuf Akbar
Yusuf Akbar 22 dager siden
Does anyone know what happened to dan??
Anxious Blobfish
Anxious Blobfish 18 dager siden
They live in different countries so they can't travel to each other right now. :(
DREW5190 22 dager siden
Bruce Doezema
Bruce Doezema 22 dager siden
I saw a clip somewhere that showed a magnet pulling airborne metal shavings that had bounced off a trampoline to show the magnetic field. Could you guys do something like this but with more color and a measuring grid behind?
Viento The Wind
Viento The Wind 22 dager siden
Lol, Krasnogorsk is the city where I live near Moscow, been at Zenit factory for a few times
Whiskey Victor
Whiskey Victor 22 dager siden
As a practitioner of knife-throwing, I thought it would be fascinating and instructive to see a slow mo video of this activity. The physics involved are quite complex, and, unfortunately, from the perspective of the thrower, it is nearly impossible to see the knife in flight. However a high-speed camera would reveal many interesting details in the knife's trajectory, rotation, flexing, and the manner in which it strikes the target from various ranges. Just a proposal from a long-time fan of the channel.
k k
k k 23 dager siden
why do you guys always rush to the high speed camera to shut it down/do something with it after the recording has been done? cant you just cut the video later on? why not same with normal cameras? whats difference between editing raw and normal pictures?
MCgoos09/BelgianCat 23 dager siden
The camera's they use, record to the RAM first. So the camera can be recording at all times, but only once they press the button does it save the last few seconds. In this video, it's filmed at 1000 FPS in 4K, the filesize for only one second would be about 12GB. (this could heavily vary based on the sensor resolution and bit depth, but the value I gave should be about correct as they're using a Phantom Flex 4K @1000FPS). So they're really limited by the RAM on their camera. Phantom Flex 4K only has 64 or 128GB of RAM. If they have the 64GB variant, then they could only save about 5 seconds of footage. In other videos they use different camera's that reach far beyond 1000FPS, so you can probably imagine the filesizes and time limit they have to deal with.
e1123581321345589144 23 dager siden
7:16 yes please
Steve Pearce
Steve Pearce 23 dager siden
Really enjoyed that, totally different perspective! Thanks Gav!
Akun Bodong
Akun Bodong 23 dager siden
Where Dan? i don,t see her.
Michael Giambra
Michael Giambra 23 dager siden
Do a 1000fps film camera!
Burhanuddin Mustafa
Burhanuddin Mustafa 23 dager siden
Guyz make a video about heating a sealed cooker and record it blast
Mister Master
Mister Master 23 dager siden
"You get some very Hobbity looking footage" lol nice
Anthony Boggs
Anthony Boggs 23 dager siden
Not related to this video. Just found out "clackers" the old so called coordination toy explodes after a while and was pulled from the shelves. Can you make a video of the explosion?
попка негра
попка негра 24 dager siden
красногорск 3)
Andrew Parker
Andrew Parker 24 dager siden
That was awesome! Film doesn't seem to get a lot of appreciation these days, I wish more people were aware of the wonders it could achieve
RangO ArtS
RangO ArtS 24 dager siden
where's Dan?
НИКОЛАЙ КУЗНЕЦОВ _ деревенский парень
НИКОЛАЙ КУЗНЕЦОВ _ деревенский парень 24 dager siden
Отличная камера)
Dylan Ryan
Dylan Ryan 24 dager siden
Can you do a video of a Professional Boxer hitting a Speed bag?
DC vs DJ
DC vs DJ 25 dager siden
I knew there were 1000 FPS slow-mo film cameras but tbh I don’t think they were available to the public at the time. I watched films on Nuclear blast fireballs which were filmed at 1000fps
Keith Brown
Keith Brown 25 dager siden
Fascinating thank you so much for sharing it with us
adegwr 25 dager siden
I used a camera to film myself taking a selfie of me watching Gav taking a selfie of himself using a camera to film himself using a camera...
Shaquille Rutledge
Shaquille Rutledge 25 dager siden
Can you capture Cobra or Black mamba bite in slow mo? 🤔
Maurizio Badalamenti
Maurizio Badalamenti 26 dager siden
Have you already done a slow motion video with an illusionist?(willing to reveal the tricks 😁)
ninjaman J
ninjaman J 26 dager siden
My goodness this is like one of those oddly satisfying videos watching that frame advancing mekanism.
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