Breaking Youtube with Slow Mo Glitter - The Slow Mo Guys

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The Slow Mo Guys

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Gav and Dan (and Smee) make a video that is incredibly difficult to watch by using glitter to absolutely annihilate modern video compression. In order to give you a fighting chance, this video is uploaded in 8K (4320p50) to increase the available bitrate. Don't watch if you are prone to seizures from flashing!
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Filmed at 1000fps on the Phantom Flex 4K
Breaking NOpost with Slow Mo Glitter - The Slow Mo Guys
*Filmed before the world ended.

The Slow Mo Guys
The Slow Mo Guys År siden
Real heroes watch this in 144p
Michael van der Gaag
Michael van der Gaag 2 dager siden
I'd buy that bluray!!! even if it was only glitter
Shane Anthony
Shane Anthony 22 dager siden
My resolution automatically went to 720p50 and I didn't know it till the end. And my eyes are STILL killing me! 😂😖
HungerGamesFan88 Måned siden
it h u r t s
Daniel Yyy408
Daniel Yyy408 Måned siden
I can no longer see
Slice of Sparta
Slice of Sparta Måned siden
LOOOOOOL devastation
The Triwizard Champion
The Triwizard Champion Dag siden
You broke my ipadpro instead. Thanks!!!
Coolcraft Dag siden
this is the worst youtube conpreshen
MrNightmarekill Dag siden
I watched the whole thing in 4K even though I'm on a 1080p monitor. For videos like these, it actually increases the quality quite a bit, it surprises me, but I don't know a ton about upscaling and downscaling.
Artemia Rush
Artemia Rush 3 dager siden
Все, тащите пылесос. Скоро мама придет!
Erica Ribeiro Sampaio
Erica Ribeiro Sampaio 3 dager siden
That's what my auras look like when I'm getting a migraine. Sharp streaks of that crazy glitter across my field of vision. It's awful.
werelemur1138 4 dager siden
KITTY! Also, there's a reason glitter is referred to as "crafting herpes."
Max Daubenberger
Max Daubenberger 5 dager siden
I gotta say, I'm watching with on my new MacBook Pro with M1, and I'm able to watch this perfectly (as far as I can tell) in full 4k.
Simo Karuse
Simo Karuse 5 dager siden
You destroyed NOpost
Golden HoneyBee
Golden HoneyBee 5 dager siden
Am I the only one who finds these actually incredibly beautiful and lovely to watch?
kshamwhizzle 6 dager siden
video: buffers my laptop: *why are you like this?*
Lia A. Eastwood
Lia A. Eastwood 6 dager siden
0:38 I can't think of a more difficult way to clean up the aftermath...
Chris_The_Potato 6 dager siden
I found some glitter in my hair after watching this video. Somehow the bloody glitter transcended physics and same through the internet 😅
Sharla Boddy-Bartlett
Sharla Boddy-Bartlett 7 dager siden
I love glitter ✨ so I loved this 💖💖💖💖
Incognito At Unknown
Incognito At Unknown 8 dager siden
For the rest of your lives people are either going to think your girlfriends are strippers or you spend all your spare time at "Gentlemen's Clubs."
‘Compass 8 dager siden
my monitor is confused and doesnt know how to display this??
Abcdef Abcdef
Abcdef Abcdef 8 dager siden
Oh yes its really glitchy at 6:20
Sarah Smith
Sarah Smith 9 dager siden
I had to stop watching after like 50 seconds lol
No Name
No Name 9 dager siden
their should be more videos with the cat lol
Foo Nugget
Foo Nugget 10 dager siden
11:21 my youtube app crashed the moment he dropped it
Callum Bryant
Callum Bryant 10 dager siden
I had no effect at all, good video though
NRG Sell
NRG Sell 10 dager siden
The level blanket thessaly prevent because egypt yearly injure opposite a ritzy amusement. dynamic, ablaze wax
Jayme Brown
Jayme Brown 11 dager siden
Ever thought about making stills of different video shots and printing them out? Sell them as merchandise. Those I've seen here you have done, I wish I had a still of them. Great art.
Jordan Marturano
Jordan Marturano 11 dager siden
Boating company’s are the number one purchasers of glitter for the paint they used to use fish scales I think
Gary Craft
Gary Craft 11 dager siden
Want a very uncompressed version of this video
H1J 11 dager siden
8k looks nice, too bad I cant watch 5 seconds of it.
Kobalent 12 dager siden
9:25 Dan is sus
Curtis Chan
Curtis Chan 12 dager siden
With NFT art pieces being a thing now, would you reconsider selling frames of the glitter drops?
Billy Ben09
Billy Ben09 12 dager siden
144p and it's just broken
Xander Cholette
Xander Cholette 12 dager siden
Brayden Houle
Brayden Houle 13 dager siden
Dan is right about the metric to imperial conversion at 2:54 but he got 1 thing wrong and that it's 7/254 of an inch 😜 not 7/255
Ashraful Haque
Ashraful Haque 13 dager siden
...Not the most exiting thing I have ever witnessed but something I never witnessed!
Brendan Lawrence
Brendan Lawrence 13 dager siden
"in American" lmaoo nah you need to give the measurement in football fields for Americans
Muhammad Rafif
Muhammad Rafif 13 dager siden
Slow mo but speedrun watch in 2x speed
eleanor mack
eleanor mack 14 dager siden
0:23 CAT
ethan 14
ethan 14 14 dager siden
Watching this in 144p is an actual joke.
Fern and Bacon
Fern and Bacon 15 dager siden
Alternate title: Simulating trying to focus with ADHD
Patrick 15 dager siden
Art attaaack :)
Thep Jup
Thep Jup 15 dager siden
id love to use this in a music video. absolutely beautiful
Farooq Khawaja
Farooq Khawaja 16 dager siden
Statement: Breaking NOpost Subscribers: 14 Million+ Views: 5 Million only
John Doepker
John Doepker 17 dager siden
I looked into an LED 6-Dcell MagLight and it hurt...@ 12:24...pretty sure that grunt was caused by his retinas being detatched...
General_ Groves
General_ Groves 18 dager siden
This video made my computer get hot, congratulations!
ASMR YUMMY 20 dager siden
FRAG aLOT 21 dag siden
LOL i get the buffering spinning circle at 3:50 about 3 times so far. @1080p
Kuttappi Kuttan
Kuttappi Kuttan 25 dager siden
The grandiose alphabet immunocytochemically snore because brother curiosly jump in a dusty police. super, selective sale
Tyler M.
Tyler M. 26 dager siden
That was wild
Siri // GD Partitionhlep
Siri // GD Partitionhlep 27 dager siden
i watched this in 480p. bitrate went down when glitter.
M Nidraf Islam
M Nidraf Islam 28 dager siden
Slow Mo Guys: hello i'm gav and i'm dav, and in this video..... me: i don't care just cut to the chase
Razibur Rahman
Razibur Rahman 28 dager siden
PlanetZindy 28 dager siden
For some reason, each colour brings back memories for me. Even though i have no idea what the memories are
Nithin 28 dager siden
Literally just put the raw video up on a torrenting website
Nithin 28 dager siden
Please share the raw video
taheelur1 28 dager siden
dan is swole as f***
Soumya G.S
Soumya G.S 29 dager siden
What was the actual size of the raw footage and how much did it compress while uploaded on NOpost?
I Hate Unicorns
I Hate Unicorns Måned siden
Original Channel 5 branding at 7:30
The Pointless Content Show
The Pointless Content Show Måned siden
every time they switch from the footage my eyes are getting destroyed
flyingdoctor99 Måned siden
I watched it in 8K and my graphic card went wild, never heard the fan that loud :)
You Can Create Too
You Can Create Too Måned siden
This is the ONLY way to enjoy Glitter... watching someone else touching it.
Reid McEvoy
Reid McEvoy Måned siden
This is the only video where instead of getting upset at it buffering, I'm like "It's ok NOpost, I believe in you! You can do it little buddy!"
Cleby Herris
Cleby Herris Måned siden
What did Dan break at 3:06. I’m pretty sure it’s foley but if he broke something then they don’t react very much to it
SerPurple Måned siden
Look at Dan's lips at 9:20 and watch as his lips are basically forming the words that Gavin is speaking... are Gav and Dan the same person!?
Patti Rae Kroell
Patti Rae Kroell Måned siden
Try holographic glitter
Arwah Sapi
Arwah Sapi Måned siden
There's an explanation why confetti destroys NOpost resolution on one of Tom Scott's video.
rabidsamfan Måned siden
So have you cleaned up all the glitter yet?
PAST Studios AWG Project
PAST Studios AWG Project Måned siden
Not sure if you guys will see this comment, but you COULD set up a sort of orthographic lens for this using a fresnel lens to make collumated light converge onto the camera, turning perspective into orthographic. That would mean all the glitter would always be "in focus" no matter how far away it is and you could essentially film this in "3D" in a way.
Michael Antonio
Michael Antonio Måned siden
Here's the magic shot 10:34
Vivek Gupta
Vivek Gupta Måned siden
Me: *laughs* at 2160p50
Alice Abigail
Alice Abigail Måned siden
Why did I think this video was posted years ago when it was only posted 10 months ago lol
Tim Tam
Tim Tam Måned siden
the look when you close and rub your eyes
Brad Woodfield
Brad Woodfield Måned siden
Smoke with glitter falling through it.
Rapidrocket2000 Måned siden
Is this some kind of poor joke that I'm too 4K UHD to understand?
Sithis Måned siden
All I can think about is Brew's video about Glitter now.
Ashley Lou
Ashley Lou Måned siden
The death eater cloud looks different here
Amelia Rosalina The Hedgehog
Amelia Rosalina The Hedgehog Måned siden
I love this channel so much
MDT - Epicx_Gamer
MDT - Epicx_Gamer Måned siden
What's the name of the cat at 0:34
Mac attack Zach
Mac attack Zach 2 måneder siden
Yeah, watching this in 4k is really satisfying. It's so pretty
Katherine Bird
Katherine Bird 2 måneder siden
Prints of this would be awesome.
David Jones
David Jones 2 måneder siden
You can get rid of graphite easier then you can glitter.
Jiří Štefka
Jiří Štefka 2 måneder siden
3:53 Yup, I didn't see anything in focus on youtube...
Origami Kira
Origami Kira 2 måneder siden
day 35 after glitter, we're beginning to get used to having glitter in the sugar for coffee, in the flour we use to make bread, etc.... :D, guyz you broke youtube....Congratz !!!
hsfga gsnms
hsfga gsnms 2 måneder siden
they need to put a link to the ACTUAL UNCOMPRESSED FOOTAGE (didn't realise caps lock was on)
sed lerd21
sed lerd21 2 måneder siden
I bet one can still find glitter in that garage (and within 3 mile radius) to this very day
myozbubble 2 måneder siden
My eyes and brows started to ache as the clip went on. Weird because I found the show to be quite mesmerizing.
Anna Stevens
Anna Stevens 2 måneder siden
Same - I think it's from watching so intensely without blinking! 😆
Cooper Teffeteller
Cooper Teffeteller 2 måneder siden
Please make the Best of Slow Mo Guys Blue/Ray. I will buy it. A lot of people will buy it.
drainey 2 måneder siden
my mac could not handle the 8k
dutchguywillem 2 måneder siden
Hey guys, could you please post a few full-sized frames from the videos? I would love to have it as a background or print it and hang it up
Angel Macias
Angel Macias 2 måneder siden
So, first I watched this with 720p50 and then watched a clip with the 450p or whatever because i couldn't figure out what everyone was saying both in the video and the comments and it was absolutely amazing. This phone has an amazing screen and I loved watching the first time. The little clip the second time gave me a horrible headache and I am only going to do that 1 more time. Then, never again!!
Nate Kulink
Nate Kulink 2 måneder siden
I recognize those workbenches! Great bench for $80!
Ari Heinonen
Ari Heinonen 2 måneder siden
That effect is very difficult for video compression encoding. Unpacked video are probably much impressive. I suggest to try multiple RGB LED spots from different direction around and using silver glitter.
Oshadha Gayan
Oshadha Gayan 2 måneder siden
Me watching in 144p🙂🖤
Gabriel Jack
Gabriel Jack 2 måneder siden
I feel like there could be a profitable NOpost channel out of slow motion glitter falling alone.
TF2cace 2 måneder siden
VP9 codec: You cant beat me Slow Mo guy: I know, but he can 4:52
SquishyyGhost 2 måneder siden
I have visual snow and during the drop at 6:11 the way the glitter looked really reminded me of what I see on a day-to-day basis lmao (My visual snow has never bothered me tho I've just grown up with it so I barely even notice it half the time)
Night Shade
Night Shade 2 måneder siden
From 0:00 to 0:45 the cat's in the background 😂only thing I had eyes for
1st World Problems SOLVED
1st World Problems SOLVED 2 måneder siden
I'd love a 4k+ UHD for reference use.
Nasuper 100
Nasuper 100 2 måneder siden
Looks like ..on Lsd in a Disco..
Test 2 måneder siden
I had a dead pixel I don't anymore
Mark Ziemba
Mark Ziemba 2 måneder siden
When you dropped the final mix, my phone divided by 0 and shot out into space for a couple minutes
Sonic Fan
Sonic Fan 2 måneder siden
This video at 2160p50 on an iPhone 12 Pro Max at max brightness is absolutely gorgeous and mesmerizing 🤯
Ian Duncan
Ian Duncan 2 måneder siden
Would love to see this experiment repeated except a fine layer of glitter being release from a surface where it had been held statically....and a narrow depth of field with the focus following the fall rate.
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