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The Slow Mo Guys

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Gav knows full well this game is over a decade old and has absolutely no relevance today, but Dan getting hit with fruit for 10 minutes straight is timeless. Follow us on Instagram! gavinfree
Filmed at 1000fps on the Phantom Flex 4k
Satisfying Slow Mo Fruit Ninja - The Slow Mo Guys

Falk Hammermüller
Falk Hammermüller 5 timer siden
There was a water melon in the back ... why u no use?
Thelilsavage 9 timer siden
4:30 throw tomato at head
Thelilsavage 9 timer siden
Miles Voorhees
Miles Voorhees Dag siden
These satisfying slow mo’s have made my day
ĸaιne 5 dager siden
Just launches a tomato smack in the face 😂
Merget Merreget
Merget Merreget 6 dager siden
The fact that you filmed your neigbors balkony all the time is a bit strange
ajrestivo 12 dager siden
Absolutely gold. They know he's throwing it at his face. Calls out loud this is gonna hit your face. Then full commit from Dan. Boom tomato to the face
Obed Samuel John
Obed Samuel John 15 dager siden
Kieran childs
Kieran childs 16 dager siden
This video is 9:11 minutes long. Lmao
Jean-Pierre Joubert
Jean-Pierre Joubert 16 dager siden
You guys are so great. Love it. Thanks for all these videos
Big Smoke
Big Smoke 17 dager siden
kinda wish if they shish kebab'ed it like pointed the sword at the fruit and watch fruit slide to the handle a bit dangerous but would look cool
Spaceman Duke
Spaceman Duke 18 dager siden
oh my gosh I laughed so hard with that tomato. I thought it would have splatted, but nope
Westen Van Osdell
Westen Van Osdell 23 dager siden
See Dans not stupid, he’s just smart with stupid stuff like finding unintended puns
Emma Tarilerilero
Emma Tarilerilero 26 dager siden
Correction: That's like a samurai.
my name
my name 26 dager siden
the pain reactions or slinching is so funny in slow mo haha you see every step of the emotion
ThatBomb E30
ThatBomb E30 Måned siden
I’d rather be hit by a capsicum than a tomato.. Sure tomato is soft, but it’s got water weight. If it’s being lobbed at you, the tomato’s got more weight behind the impact
Jaesung Edward Lee
Jaesung Edward Lee Måned siden
You are so mean to your friend... what did he do to deserve being thrown in the face by a tomato?
Ishaq Shaikh
Ishaq Shaikh Måned siden
Literally bro That hit on face was really hard😂🤣 4:32
Feeling so satisfying to see this video.
mp 616
mp 616 Måned siden
For a minute I thought his eyebrows were his eyes 5:12
Janes Fair
Janes Fair Måned siden
That thud when he threw the tomato at his face hahaha 😝
Let's Just See With BB
Let's Just See With BB Måned siden
Did you ever get ants?
TheSealOfTheRose Måned siden
There are people in the world who would be grateful to have this food 😡
giggityguy Måned siden
7:22 In the immortal words of Agent Washington: "It only counts if you call it."
Yui2048 Whitmire
Yui2048 Whitmire Måned siden
What do you do with the fruit after it’s destroyed
Toking 204
Toking 204 Måned siden
4:39 I wasn't aware that Gavin was able to make tortoise mating calls
Javierjr1224 Måned siden
I miss Dan!
Abdul Muqsit
Abdul Muqsit 2 måneder siden
4:30 is one of the best slo mo guys moments ever
Edoardo Marcucci
Edoardo Marcucci 2 måneder siden
im literally crying lol
Crackhead crackhead crackhead nightmare nightmare
Crackhead crackhead crackhead nightmare nightmare 2 måneder siden
4:31 was I the only one when that tomato hit his face it physically pain me
Luiz FES
Luiz FES 2 måneder siden
Why dont you try throw the katana hahahaha
Alexis PDN
Alexis PDN 2 måneder siden
I was expecting a watermelon
ItzYaBoiDylzz 2 måneder siden
4:28 is my fav part. Or 5:18
Eddie Yang
Eddie Yang 2 måneder siden
7:52 so satisfying
Adam Apperley
Adam Apperley 2 måneder siden
I don't know why I find this SO funny!
Matthew Kingsmore
Matthew Kingsmore 3 måneder siden
Killer algorithm...
Paul Ess Dot
Paul Ess Dot 3 måneder siden
Do it with an egg
CLASH by SG 3 måneder siden
Watching on 2X speed😝
Gamer 1209
Gamer 1209 3 måneder siden
Never in my life have I seen ceiling fans outside a house. 1:30
Domingo Coralee
Domingo Coralee 3 måneder siden
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CharTang 3 måneder siden
😂😂😂 The tomato to the face was the best haha.
TGR Empire
TGR Empire 3 måneder siden
Gav is literally the spitting image of hiccup at the end of httyd 3
Dubs Productions
Dubs Productions 3 måneder siden
this is probably the funniest video you guys have done
asf 3 måneder siden
Gav did not hold back with that tomato to the face
Wyatt_X 3 måneder siden
*Many mistakes were made...*
Colton Wooden
Colton Wooden 3 måneder siden
Gav: *says sorry 8 times* Canadians: that number is too low!
Mr.Masked Flamingo
Mr.Masked Flamingo 3 måneder siden
Heh B
FUBAR LIFE 3 måneder siden
@4:30 😂
MystDarkRider420 3 måneder siden
7:44 when ur playing cod and the last killcam is a guy melee-ing
The Chicken Skin
The Chicken Skin 3 måneder siden
that chubby guy is what this world needs
Kaila Kiara
Kaila Kiara 3 måneder siden
7:23 perfect
Frey Louis
Frey Louis 3 måneder siden
7:23 perfect
[Doorclan] Bell
[Doorclan] Bell 3 måneder siden
I’m like he rock that thing at him
Chaosbroken 4 måneder siden
How do you like them apples!?
Everett Szeles
Everett Szeles 4 måneder siden
Where is dan
Frankie Rzucek Jr
Frankie Rzucek Jr 4 måneder siden
I cant stop rewinding the part where he nails him in the face with that tomato. Thank God they switched from the apple. Lmao. He'd still have a black eye. Hahahahha omg hilarious
Frankie Rzucek Jr
Frankie Rzucek Jr 4 måneder siden
Im literally crying im laughing so hard, you beamed him square in the face with that tomato. Omg had a good belly laugh with that one, and his reaction to get beamed priceless. I cant see what im typing because I still have tears on my eyes from laughing so hard.
Tim Wagenknecht
Tim Wagenknecht 4 måneder siden
I'd like to see someone do a dissertation on why the swordsperson shuts the eyes once the cut has been done. Is this physiological as to not see the damage, or physical as to protect the eyes?
Jamie Boy
Jamie Boy 4 måneder siden
Giancarlo Beato
Giancarlo Beato 4 måneder siden
Over the past couple of weeks, I believe I've seen like 100 of your videos, and this one has been by far the funniest one. You can't beat hitting a person on the face with fruit in slow motion. Cheers
Geovana SB
Geovana SB 4 måneder siden
This video gives me mythbusters nostalgia
Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt 4 måneder siden
😂 lmao
Corn Dog Shaun
Corn Dog Shaun 4 måneder siden
Let's make this as monetizeable as possible!!! Satisfying Slo mo Game title
Abdullah Alqahtani
Abdullah Alqahtani 4 måneder siden
Playing with food is ungrateful
Johnny Cheung
Johnny Cheung 4 måneder siden
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dixonqwerty 4 måneder siden
7:20 that looks extremely pro
Grizlerber 4 måneder siden
the sound of it hitting his face is amazing
Austins town Hisey
Austins town Hisey 4 måneder siden
Poor dan
ArkhamWayne 4 måneder siden
Dan's fruit killing skills are remarkable.
Naseel 4 måneder siden
Is that a cheap katana????
Twan Robbers
Twan Robbers 4 måneder siden
"Good lob btw" - "Cheers bae" Loving friendship, right there!
Owen Mason
Owen Mason 4 måneder siden
am i the only one who put it at 0.25 speed when he got hit in the face
- TheHawkturnal -
- TheHawkturnal - 4 måneder siden
7:12 Poor DougDoug
Gemma Fitzpatrick
Gemma Fitzpatrick 4 måneder siden
The orange was so satisfying!
Abdullah Po
Abdullah Po 4 måneder siden
Can someone count the amount of time gav hit dan in the face with a fruit
Wahyu Joko Samudro
Wahyu Joko Samudro 4 måneder siden
4:30 oH mY hOLY mOLLY
Ghostzzz 4 måneder siden
4:29 my favorite and least favorite part lmao
Flxw AU
Flxw AU 4 måneder siden
The Monkey Guy
The Monkey Guy 4 måneder siden
That sound when he cuts it
Justice Brown
Justice Brown 4 måneder siden
Is it me or does Dan look like the english version of Q from Impractical Jokers
Thenewbenb11 4 måneder siden
Omg he just beams it at Dan’s face 😂
RRG Gaming
RRG Gaming 4 måneder siden
ABOODIEX 4 måneder siden
im saving that
Enolp 4 måneder siden
Just don’t do fruit ninja with watermelons headed straight for your face **nigahiga flashback intensifies**
HEMANTH RAJ SAMPARI 4 måneder siden
"under arm" , "googly" all cricket terms there. Looks like slow Mo guys are cricket fans. Hey please slow Mo video a swinging cricket ball.
Hitanshu Saini
Hitanshu Saini 4 måneder siden
Nice video but wastage of lots of fruits and vegetables
Woji1 4 måneder siden
Micheal Evanko
Micheal Evanko 4 måneder siden
This whole video was an elaborate setup for Gav to throw a tomato at Dan.
Serina Thomas
Serina Thomas 4 måneder siden
I don't think i've laughed so hard in a long time when I seen Dan getting sconned in the face with that tomato!
Ferry Muhammad Nur
Ferry Muhammad Nur 4 måneder siden
Looks guys, they're using the freeze banana get it, cause' it's fruit ninja :V
Doris Fiore
Doris Fiore 4 måneder siden
5:16 this mans face literally just wiggled along with his nose which looked so wierd
Rhiannon Kinner
Rhiannon Kinner 4 måneder siden
that slice at 7:51
Billy_Herrington1969 4 måneder siden
4:30 Jesus...
Technicyan 4 måneder siden
Now that's a heaven for ants
ShadowLeader7 7
ShadowLeader7 7 4 måneder siden
Bro i replayed the part where gav got hit smack dab in the face
Some random cat -Topshelfgamer98- 368 years ago
Some random cat -Topshelfgamer98- 368 years ago 4 måneder siden
*can I close my eyes?* literally two seconds later* *I shouldn’t have asked that should I have mate?*
Nikki 4 måneder siden
I like the cutting of the tomatoes the best and the orange.
Fan of Leafnation
Fan of Leafnation 4 måneder siden
Alessandro Preziosi
Alessandro Preziosi 4 måneder siden
Help there General kenobi
Timothy Traver
Timothy Traver 4 måneder siden
Seems like this may've been proceeded by a bunch of videos called Slow Mo Chocolate Cake Ninja, which consisted of Dan not eating fruit.
Govind Shenoy
Govind Shenoy 4 måneder siden
Dan is the best
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