The Earth Inside a Macro Water Droplet - The Slow Mo Guys

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The Slow Mo Guys

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Sponsored by LG
Gav recreates an eye-catching still image of the earth trapped in a water droplet by filming it at a ridiculous 12,500fps. To learn more about the TV, click here.
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Filmed at 12,500fps with the Phantom V2640
The Earth Inside a Slow Motion Water Droplet - The Slow Mo Guys

ClonaClox9999 / Celery
ClonaClox9999 / Celery 6 dager siden
You're so rich you get free big TVs.
M1staken G1ark
M1staken G1ark 6 dager siden
(EXTREMELY LONG INHALE AND A GASP)🤯 a lazer. wait what... the world's has a right way(?)
Kyosuke 8 dager siden
I drew a picture like this once. Then I thought to myself that I would hate to lose this piece. And then I lost it.
xxHighRiderzxx 18 dager siden
If you think about it , we are in that droplet.
xxHighRiderzxx 18 dager siden
Trippy stuff . Lifes a tripp .
Visual One Studio
Visual One Studio 29 dager siden
You guys have thousands upon thousands of dollars of equipment but you don't have a map of the world. 😂
محمد Måned siden
Watching this video on 114p |:
michael hancock
michael hancock 2 måneder siden
i only care about the cat
juma Abu Nasser
juma Abu Nasser 2 måneder siden
funny exp related to Earth!! but Earth is flat not a globe
MICHEL DILLIONS 2 måneder siden
minute 5:00 so the Earth is Flath , because you eyewink us , to see the Antartica Circel the South Pole , arround the Flath Pancake Earth
Maximus Haximus-DHC
Maximus Haximus-DHC 2 måneder siden
Flatards everywhere - Globe earth CGI confirmed.
Boos LE
Boos LE 2 måneder siden
The best yacht morphologically receive because catamaran summarily please across a unhealthy psychology. icky, wooden surgeon
Carlos 2 måneder siden
Is the second channel the Fast-mo guys? 😂
b font
b font 2 måneder siden
The coherent process successively guess because drake optimally examine among a true pancreas. melodic, scary dugout
ali_sha3ban_ 2 måneder siden
Recommend 2021 💯
RobloxRobot 2 måneder siden
Exactly 1 year later.
VIVEK PATIL 2 måneder siden
why didn't you take this shot putting world map image on tv screen!
Travis Richey
Travis Richey 2 måneder siden
This was literally captivating. I was sitting with my head in my hands, propped on my elbows about 8 inches from my 27" iMac screen. Out of curiosity, did LG let you keep the TV? ~Trav
1061shot 2 måneder siden
Flat earth
Astro Du
Astro Du 2 måneder siden
That fotage is soo significative for me and every astronomer. Our entire world, on a drop of water.
Kalyan M
Kalyan M 2 måneder siden
This is some screen saver material.
Deano 2 måneder siden
Clever use of the sponsor, I didn’t skip through it.
- Zyjen -
- Zyjen - 2 måneder siden
this whole time i wanted to drink that glass of water
LegendarY Gaming
LegendarY Gaming 2 måneder siden
is his partner not working with him if yas than why plzz tell me
Charistiaan Harmse
Charistiaan Harmse 2 måneder siden
Do raindrops in slowmo. The say the drops aren't round, but flattens out. That would be awesome
Emrld Gaming
Emrld Gaming 3 måneder siden
Wouldn’t this be a slow mo *G U Y* video?🤔
tf you sayin
tf you sayin 3 måneder siden
Imagen something looking so real it looks like an animation
Kat Howard
Kat Howard 3 måneder siden
11:00 "that's the downside of 8k, I guess." No, the sun was just bright and it was shining down on your head at a specific angle which made it seem like it was especially thin... if you look back at the same section of the video in 144p, it's still noticeable which tells me it's just the lighting making it appear worse
Jesus protects
Jesus protects 3 måneder siden
So realistic, it even wobbles just like on the videos from NASA.
Christopher Witte
Christopher Witte 3 måneder siden
Me: maybe thinking about buying this tv Checks price: $30,000😳
rice 3 måneder siden
Hey Gav, I don't think you've realized that we are not youtubers. We can't buy this TV, it's 30 grand
Someone 3 måneder siden
Benjamin Hollway
Benjamin Hollway 4 måneder siden
Gav; has pricy camera. Also Gav; printed out a map poorly
Paige Rizzo
Paige Rizzo 4 måneder siden
Fat Pat 666
Fat Pat 666 4 måneder siden
Only a 30k$ TV.
SubZ 4 måneder siden
6:05 That is a nice cup of water
MarioRavioli 4 måneder siden
looks like a bbc one ident lol
John Doe
John Doe 4 måneder siden
You have the most trustworthy thumbnails
Mick 4 måneder siden
you could've used the TV as a map and not worry about the light, as it would be same light everywhere and the TV is big enough
Thatwin 4 måneder siden
This is how NASA makes us believe that the Earth is round.
Niko Bellic
Niko Bellic 4 måneder siden
You’ve turned a water droplet into a globe.
Ibr Vybhav
Ibr Vybhav 4 måneder siden
If you plan to do it again You should try decreasing the surface tension of the water that would give a clear shot
Matt 4 måneder siden
Oh, the TV is $30,000
Iliqn Rashkov
Iliqn Rashkov 4 måneder siden
The sponsor spot was as amazing as the dropplets !!
Kids Stuart
Kids Stuart 4 måneder siden
his cat is adorable
Ali Murtaza Subhani
Ali Murtaza Subhani 4 måneder siden
Where y'all flat earthers?
willem janssen
willem janssen 4 måneder siden
it was very beautiful, the second most beautiful thing I've ever seen. the most beautiful in this world, is my wife, she is incredibly beautiful! I saw her for a millisecond in the drop of water. awesom!
Terri Ford
Terri Ford 4 måneder siden
I really like how you explain everything you’re doing as you do it. It really is fascinating. Also, I had no idea it took that long just to change the camera lense!
a i d e n
a i d e n 4 måneder siden
Lmaoooooooooooooo I’m literally dying 😂😂😂😂😂😂
DJ Clarke
DJ Clarke 4 måneder siden
Struggling to light the map up. If only they had like a 88" illuminated OLED display they could use....
KHASAN 4 måneder siden
If the video starts the video ends
SHER SHAH 4 måneder siden
His Cat is soo Cute 😍😋😋
Doodled Pixel
Doodled Pixel 4 måneder siden
Who else in watching this after they Dan and are wondering where he is
Cinemattic blyden
Cinemattic blyden 4 måneder siden
Thats what happens a infinite amount of times when it rains... 😑😳
Michael Skinner
Michael Skinner 4 måneder siden
I love the lighting effects on the water! I used to dip my hand in (literally) and watch for, like, Hours (mainly while everyone else jumped in and I wondered about gravity and light affecting the water as a whole). Definitely agree with the variables and seeing what happens with each🤷
Monkey Brain
Monkey Brain 5 måneder siden
Wow, there's like an infinite number of spheres forming as it sinks in, i wonder why this happens. 6:30 8:53
Stephen Dcruz
Stephen Dcruz 5 måneder siden
Sony WF1000XM3 earphones UNBOXING
muhammad danish
muhammad danish 5 måneder siden
Like your videos
lochan kumar
lochan kumar 5 måneder siden
I am an indian from andhran Pradesh He looks like hero gopichand with that beard and moustache. Learned soo much from your slo mo videos
INDIAN CUBER. 5 måneder siden
Mee too from India but from Karnataka
_Fox1Gamer4 _
_Fox1Gamer4 _ 5 måneder siden
The cat 🙃
akhcs 5 måneder siden
Nice Clip like every time :) Can you do a swirl in water in slow mo would be very interesting !!! Go on like you´r do. ;)
obi wan kenobi
obi wan kenobi 5 måneder siden
Hacksmith's doppelganger
Chris Rigoni Tattooer
Chris Rigoni Tattooer 5 måneder siden
Thank You 🙏✌️
Jared Peterson
Jared Peterson 5 måneder siden
So beautiful.
r o
r o 5 måneder siden
2020 went south as soon as he flipped that map
SheepHair 5 måneder siden
I wonder how many $30k tvs LG sold because of this video
Volt Vortex
Volt Vortex 5 måneder siden
Slow Mo Guys music Link to “We’re All Heroes in Slow Mo” by The Gregory Brothers This is the channel trailer for the Slow Mo Guys that is posted as “unlisted” for some reason, but it’s so awesome!
Tyler Davis
Tyler Davis 5 måneder siden
That's a $30,000 TV! 😳
Crazy Daniel
Crazy Daniel 5 måneder siden
The Cat there just killed me, He's so cute~
Raynster Rayner
Raynster Rayner 6 måneder siden
I want to touch that
ahmed Elgabarty
ahmed Elgabarty 6 måneder siden
This beautifully shot
Starby Ray
Starby Ray 6 måneder siden
I would love to own one of those cameras........ I would have never ending fun!
This is not just a phone It's my phone
This is not just a phone It's my phone 6 måneder siden
That's how earth must look to God. Just a tiny bubble out of trillions but still created with so much care and attention.
David Beamer
David Beamer 6 måneder siden
The real reason Dan isn't around -- this project left no chance that he could get hurt.
Delta Change
Delta Change 6 måneder siden
I feel bad for the people who can't watch this in 8k also flex flex i can
Alfredo torres
Alfredo torres 6 måneder siden
Min 0:54 2020 be like
Skakid 419
Skakid 419 6 måneder siden
What’s the background music u use
Dan Witzke
Dan Witzke 7 måneder siden
Make sense Gav has a cat. He seems like a cat person.
Luke Burton
Luke Burton 7 måneder siden
Is this what blessing the rains down in Africa looks like?
Johnny Howe
Johnny Howe 7 måneder siden
I hope Dan returns soon. The Solo Mo Guy just isn't the same.
Frank Black
Frank Black 7 måneder siden
👤 The smaller the life form the slower they must perceive the passage of time compared to us. Just a thought . . . 🕶
Khalsa_Rocky Singh
Khalsa_Rocky Singh 7 måneder siden
Great video..i liked it
cartoon tube serise
cartoon tube serise 7 måneder siden
Can you do same thing with soap bubble please make that video
Need2connect 3 måneder siden
Yes but it would be opac and inverted. Because the hollow center.
Erik Kocsis
Erik Kocsis 8 måneder siden
That is a true cat owner.
Nisar ahmed
Nisar ahmed 8 måneder siden
Where is dan sir he is Missing frm this vedio
masterofpureawesome 8 måneder siden
The last little bit showing the pixel density was pretty cool
GoodAtVideoGame 8 måneder siden
Gav: yeah smee its good isnt it smee: noooooo
iloveas999 too
iloveas999 too 8 måneder siden
I just watch slow mo in slow mo
moha who
moha who 8 måneder siden
really love you dude respect the way you handled this ad + the youtube startup page made my heart warm really makes you know how important and historical you guys are
Dino 8 måneder siden
"Might be slower than we need" What are you? The gotta go fast guys? It can never be too slow.
AlbertaGamer 8 måneder siden
This video is 92.87 times cooler than Antarctica.
Mike Adkins
Mike Adkins 8 måneder siden
Very cool and well done.
Tiptoe Cascade
Tiptoe Cascade 8 måneder siden
Who else came here to see his face?
Kerrie Dalton
Kerrie Dalton 8 måneder siden මම ගිනි පෙට්ටිය හැදෑරුවා වෝ හේයිඔබට මේ ගැන විශ්වාසද
i EatUnicornShat
i EatUnicornShat 8 måneder siden
Alin641 8 måneder siden
i have to say, the montage of you changing the lens was really cool and chill at the same time, would like more of those edits if possible.
Hortense Marshall
Hortense Marshall 8 måneder siden නැවේ ජීවීන්ට සත්කාරකත්වය සැපයීමට මුහුදේ ජීවීන් සහ
Calm Death
Calm Death 8 måneder siden
Where is dan
Jaedyn Eruera
Jaedyn Eruera 9 måneder siden
I don't completely know why but this video made me think about life and what were doing on this planet we call Earth 🌏
Ol' Chap
Ol' Chap 9 måneder siden
Can these planet in a droplet videos be released as screensavers? I'd love this as my screen saver
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