How a Pinball Machine works in Slow Motion - The Slow Mo Guys

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The Slow Mo Guys

5 måneder siden

Gav whips out the Phantom and proves that some strange things happening on a pinball machine when viewed in Slow Mo! The first 1000 people to use this link will get a free trial of Skillshare Premium Membership:
Big thanks to Jersey Jack Pinball for providing the machine used in this video. Check out their website here -
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Filmed at 1000fps and 2000fps on a Phantom Flex 4K
How a Pinball Machine works in Slow Motion - The Slow Mo Guys

The Bobcat
The Bobcat 3 timer siden
The cinematography of this is video is beautiful.
Lou JustLou
Lou JustLou 7 timer siden
By far, my favorite Slo Mo video.
Renville80 13 timer siden
Awesome video, Gav. You seriously need to make a follow up video using an old Gottlieb or Williams electromechanical pinball. Think of all the relays, mechanical reels, and the master ‘score motor’.
Gamers latest news
Gamers latest news Dag siden
0:42 what game is this
Mellow Tarp
Mellow Tarp 3 dager siden
state of art
Byron Wellburn
Byron Wellburn 3 dager siden
I know nothing about this game - goes on for half hour about all the different zones and hits 🤣😂
Js1savo 9 dager siden
Where is his freind?
No Name
No Name 9 dager siden
He just did this to show his amazing score on pinball lol
David Thomas
David Thomas 10 dager siden
You should see a old mechanic pinball
Dr. Hannibal Lester
Dr. Hannibal Lester 12 dager siden
Where's Dan been?
Laser Shark
Laser Shark 12 dager siden
The fact that the slow mo sounds are fake make me sad
Mr bbgum
Mr bbgum 13 dager siden
I Live in Canada have an uncle named Ed who has a pinball machine lmao that coincidence made me play it back twice
Anthony Torres
Anthony Torres 13 dager siden
This is 100% the most interesting video I will and have ever seen in my life..
Eric Emery
Eric Emery 16 dager siden
This is who you need to record!
chillerinstinct1 17 dager siden
01:17 does your Flash flood light have a cooler? 😅
StingingCashew 17 dager siden
Now I want a pinball machine
Emmanuel James
Emmanuel James 20 dager siden
Tom Green?? 😂😂😂😂
XAVIER 24 dager siden
This video deserves way more views than it has
Little Vampire
Little Vampire Måned siden
i really hoped you would do this on a williams machine
The 25th Psychonaut
The 25th Psychonaut Måned siden
The strangest part of some of this footage to me is seeing the ball travel upwards with the kind of momentum you'd expect at a "normal speed," but you're seeing it go so much slower, so your brain kind of expects it not to carry that kind of momentum and stop much earlier. But it just keeps going, really throwing off my intuition.
Jose Alanis
Jose Alanis Måned siden
When I was a kid, my parents would take me to this pizza place, and I would always play the addam's family pinball game. Thanks for the nostalgia and the interesting views into the mechanics
assbrass Måned siden
wow... jaw drop..
Notyet Skeletal
Notyet Skeletal Måned siden
Facinating. Love those machines. The best one I've played was Lord of the Rings. I'm not into the movies but that was a really user friendly machine. Kinda like how Space Cadet was.
SerPurple Måned siden
Gavin's camera skills are so satisfying. He gets perfect footage!
Tasker Smith
Tasker Smith Måned siden
Measured speed of pinball: I heard Gav mention he counted the pinball bounce between pop bumpers 8x in a half second, but didn't hear a reference to the actual speed. Did you measure the top speed of the pinball in motion - and can you share that?
Robin Campfens
Robin Campfens Måned siden
As a kid I visited a classmate her dad had an old pinball machine, and you could look inside thru the money door thing. So cool to see all those devices. I really was so amazed how much stuff was inside.
Ginny Jolly
Ginny Jolly Måned siden
Gosh! Having been a prolific player of this kind of mechanical pinball machine, I thought you were going to show an older one that looks more like a pachinko game but only with pins, no wheels or levers.
PinBox 3000
PinBox 3000 Måned siden
Its incredible how much everything moves and shifts in slow mo. No wonder pinball machines are difficult to maintain. Awesome video!
Ricardo Aguilar Munoz
Ricardo Aguilar Munoz Måned siden
Now I want a pinball machine!!!
Saransh Gupta Bhagetra
Saransh Gupta Bhagetra Måned siden
I think the things being said had to be written thoroughly... Very eloquent
spwndlove Måned siden
I swear to god seeing that machine made me subconsciously smell arcade pizza
damandbass Måned siden
One two three four five, six seven eight nine ten, eleven tweeeeeeeelve!
Fishy Beats
Fishy Beats Måned siden
Keep making videos. You guys are amazing
Im Almost Batman
Im Almost Batman Måned siden
Well this is easily one of my all time favorite videos.
moha who
moha who 2 måneder siden
finding out that this is real and not just a windows xp video game gave me a life purpose to get one
blackdaan 2 måneder siden
crazyyyy !! great topic
Fizan Muhammed
Fizan Muhammed 2 måneder siden
10:21 you can see Gav using the camera
RamSLade on Blitz
RamSLade on Blitz 2 måneder siden
Pinball machines are one of the most interesting stuff in slow-mo, hands down.
Dark Stranger
Dark Stranger 2 måneder siden
Nice pinball machine, tho still not as complex as the old school machines, this one looks a little Chinsey by the way it constructed.
Dennis M
Dennis M 2 måneder siden
The music that plays on slow motion parts is very relaxing what's it called and is it playing slow mo too
Chad 2 måneder siden
So cool to see how it works
MFDONKEY 2 måneder siden
my RTX 2080 melted trying to watch in 8k! now i can only watch 144p
Mr Bally
Mr Bally 2 måneder siden
Gottlieb did this in the '60's & '70's to design more robust mechanisms and Target assemblies.
dudepersonvids 2 måneder siden
What I most appreciate about this one is how the sequence of different shots flows together. It's clear how much time and effort went into capturing all the mechanics and angles in different shots, which combine together to create a seamless sequence that very clearly illustrates how everything is working.
Valderice Costa
Valderice Costa 2 måneder siden
isn't that the same flashlight markiplier bought for his video?
Tossphate 2 måneder siden
Fair play for filming a live catch. You know your onions 👍
Dredge 2 måneder siden
it's gotten to the point where in the intro Gav says "I am Gav" i pause the video and myself say "And i am Dan" and then resume.
demofilmpuntnl 2 måneder siden
what a great machine
J S 2 måneder siden
Ed from Barenakedladies
Brandon Miklaski
Brandon Miklaski 2 måneder siden
This is the kind of video i subbed for so long ago
Paul Leddy
Paul Leddy 2 måneder siden
what's a wanker?
Gaming SHUBH
Gaming SHUBH 2 måneder siden
Where is dan
Abdullah Hamidaddin
Abdullah Hamidaddin 2 måneder siden
I miss that pc pinball game
Donald Trump’s Gooch Hair
Donald Trump’s Gooch Hair 2 måneder siden
I have this pinball machine and it is sooooooooo fun. Great vid
Rabid Llama
Rabid Llama 2 måneder siden
Fantastic cinematography, and you followed the most important rule of entertainment - save the knockers for the end.
Michael Kühne
Michael Kühne 2 måneder siden
Easy to learn, hard to master.
Decombustion 2 måneder siden
This is my favorite slomoguys video
???????? 2 måneder siden
This is probably THEE BEST and interesting video I've seen this year!!!
Ad Min
Ad Min 2 måneder siden
It must be strange to make these videos and then never look at something the same again, like a pinball flipper. What an amazing production!
Who? 2 måneder siden
Ayah pin
Shakercheese Gamer
Shakercheese Gamer 2 måneder siden
My grandma and cousin have a big pinball machine
Daniel Hügelmann
Daniel Hügelmann 2 måneder siden
A wonderful look at (and into) a pinball machine. Love the technicality!
Justine Salgarino
Justine Salgarino 2 måneder siden
I just tried to remove the mouse cursor at 0:41 I'm on my phone...
qiParo 2 måneder siden
Gamer pinball rgb
kbahrami346 3 måneder siden
Random similarity for you space junkies: the Canadarm2 (aka SSRMS: Space Station Remote Manipulator System) on the ISS robot arm's brakes use a high voltage (42V) to release the 7 joints' brakes and then a lower voltage (16V) to hold the brakes released with while the arm is in use. Continuous voltage to stay open is a safety design such that the brakes engage in a power loss scenario. The part where Gav talks about the flippers around 6:35 reminded me of our system though I am sure it is not the exact same architecture it does make me think of the SSRMS.
Jimbo 3 måneder siden
This video is awesome, shame it didn't hit 1m views.
Ryan Mahoney
Ryan Mahoney 3 måneder siden
It's amazing over all the years and modernization of pinball games they maintain all the basic mechanical components.
Joey Mormann
Joey Mormann 3 måneder siden
I find it odd that this is your first real pinball machine. I’ve known several people who had personal ones and there were many bars and arcades and restaurants from my childhood that had them. That’s crazy.
True North
True North 3 måneder siden
I have watched many of your videos over the years and this is probably my favorite. Well done!
Marked Ashamed
Marked Ashamed 3 måneder siden
As a Pinball fan that is now all shut down thanks to lockdowns, this is my favorite video.
Noah Rhoads
Noah Rhoads 3 måneder siden
Wow that was awesome. I knew itd be interesting but that was better than i thought
Pierre J.
Pierre J. 3 måneder siden
As a professionnal pinball and arcade machine operator, I find this fascinating, and somehow moving. Thanks a bunch!
Craig Manning
Craig Manning 3 måneder siden
As someone who has been buying, fixing and playing pinball games for over 20 years I thought I had a pretty good idea of the physics involved. That shot of the flipper rubber deforming was eye opening. Going to have to see if I can notice that in real time.
b9y 3 måneder siden
This is the best video you've done in my mind, next to the WWII tanks.
Chupie92 3 måneder siden
Where's Dan been?
Paper Animals
Paper Animals 3 måneder siden
One of the pinball machines at a place near me is super frustrating to play because the ball frequently gets stuck behind the top flipper, and the game doesn’t recognize it, so you either got to shake the machine and loose whatever bonus you have, or wait 5 minutes for the game to say “lost ball” and give you another one which you can use to knock the first ball out of the crevasse. It’s the only one of the machines I’m actually decently good at too, so it’s annoying haha
irgendwerausbayern - someguyfrombavaria
irgendwerausbayern - someguyfrombavaria 3 måneder siden
I think a lot of people know that Windows Pinball game.
Saad Nabil
Saad Nabil 3 måneder siden
0:42 My childhood!
Saad Nabil
Saad Nabil 3 måneder siden
Have you seen that movie?
dr. coomer
dr. coomer 3 måneder siden
0:41 i player it too omg he revived my chilhood
Sam Haj
Sam Haj 3 måneder siden
OMG NOOOOO 3D pinball was my liiiiiife as a kid
Samraj Vincent
Samraj Vincent 3 måneder siden
The best thing I have seen so far in YT.
manfrediphotography_ 3 måneder siden
amazing video never saw this so detailed 👍👍🔝🔝
M T 3 måneder siden
Synthetic Sound 2.... yeah 😍
Matthew Wassel
Matthew Wassel 3 måneder siden
This is one of those machines that we try to figure out for about 10 seconds and then we give up and decide to just focus on the game
EMAI TV 3 måneder siden
I love this video
Lysa Lodge
Lysa Lodge 3 måneder siden
I love the computer pinball game I wish they would bring it back
Braeden Roesler
Braeden Roesler 3 måneder siden
My neighbor has an old pinball machine from like the 70s and it's amazing seeing all of the mechanics and wires in it, back before things could be condensed down to microcontrollers, etc.
Xavian Marchetti
Xavian Marchetti 3 måneder siden
What ever happened to windows pinball? That was the greatest game when internet was down.
Anthony Baines
Anthony Baines 3 måneder siden
EA... 20 pounds for your next ball
gmc07joe 3 måneder siden
What happen the the other bloke?
Harry l
Harry l 3 måneder siden
I about to get my first pin 🤘 les gooo
NicolaiAAA 3 måneder siden
Me - Why is NOpost just now recommending this to me when I'm subscribed - OH MY GOD I REMEMBER THAT PINBALL GAME. XD
Kaladelia 3 måneder siden
Oh god.... The memories of Spaceball
Joe Gilliver
Joe Gilliver 3 måneder siden
I never would ha thought watching a pinball Machine in slow motion would be so bloody fascinating.
experiment 3 måneder siden
the reverse video of the shooting of the car on my channel. look and rate)
Javier EV
Javier EV 3 måneder siden
This video is a piece of art. It's beautiful.
J BULLIONAIRE 3 måneder siden
Amazingly intricate machine. I never realised!
MiloPaso 3 måneder siden
Best video of the year
Clumsy Colours
Clumsy Colours 3 måneder siden
I wanna play pinball now
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