Cat Sprinting and Pouncing in 4K Slow Motion - The Slow Mo Guys

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The Slow Mo Guys

11 måneder siden

Gav films Smee the cat sprint, jump and dive around in slow motion with some overly jolly royalty-free music playing in the background. What have we learned today? Cats don't always land on their feet. Warning, this video features time travel. Stay safe, wear a mask, stay indoors n' that.
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Filmed at 1000fps on the Phantom Flex 4K
Cat Sprinting and Pouncing in 4K Slow Motion - The Slow Mo Guys
Fretless by Kevin MacLeod
Glitter Blast by Kevin MacLeod

Diana Haas
Diana Haas 9 timer siden
Omg ☺️my heart😍❤️
Guy Myers
Guy Myers 2 dager siden
What a majestic idiot
BlockParty! 6 dager siden
Those shots of him as a kitten were to die for! His face with those blue eyes!!! Too flipping cute!
Irapa7 10 dager siden
This makes me happy
Edmund W. Chan
Edmund W. Chan 16 dager siden
So cute
My Dog
My Dog 17 dager siden
2:19 cat died
MGOopi Oopi
MGOopi Oopi 12 dager siden
American Trucker
American Trucker 17 dager siden
Barrny Charlton
Barrny Charlton 21 dag siden
This video makes me smile
unclesmrgol dragon
unclesmrgol dragon 21 dag siden
I watched this for Smee.
Roberts Skull
Roberts Skull 28 dager siden
Why does you cat look like a monke when running
Cariboubear Malachy
Cariboubear Malachy 28 dager siden
That car totally didn't land on its feet!
Ricardo J Vindas B
Ricardo J Vindas B Måned siden
I finally found Gavin
Amoghiscool Måned siden
2:20 rip cat
siftr tals
siftr tals Måned siden
This might be my favorite YT video ever(?)
John McKee
John McKee Måned siden
My cat loved this video.
msw design
msw design 2 måneder siden
I used to think this kind of play was what my cat wanted. Similar toy- rod, string, feathers on a string. Then the feather got beat up. Threw it out. Turned out the cat really went ape just chasing the little metal hook that was made to hold the feather. You want to see amazing hunting skills, give the cat a target that is the length of a dime.
Victoria Eads
Victoria Eads 2 måneder siden
Five and a half beautiful minutes of gratuitous feline content. Is it just me, or is Gav a cat person?? 😂💜💜😻
Charles Noon
Charles Noon 2 måneder siden
Though he did well, I don't think Smee was fully committed to the shoot. Then again, I'm not sure a cat can ever lower themselves to be that interested in our endeavors?
Animation dudes
Animation dudes 2 måneder siden
That is one of the cutest cats I've ever seen but I got to admit my cat's way cuter
Somano Sanghirun
Somano Sanghirun 2 måneder siden
Where'd dan go?
glen pound
glen pound 2 måneder siden
Cats are great slo mo subjects!
Nick Baker
Nick Baker 2 måneder siden
Some delightful footage
Recep Baybas
Recep Baybas 2 måneder siden
Çok güzel olmuş 👍
Ronny Westad
Ronny Westad 2 måneder siden
Cats... perfect "strongest survive" abit selective thou....:P
Jamie Horwath
Jamie Horwath 2 måneder siden
If you can watch this without smiling, than you got problems
Chriseurosong 2 måneder siden
Very cute cat. Love him!
Ricky Young
Ricky Young 2 måneder siden
0:41 Smee: Imma jump for.... 0:42 Smee's Instincts: Nope
AnnaYTPortugal 2 måneder siden
why is the water coming out of its nose
Ateam_207 2 måneder siden
What happened to dan
Alan Johnstone
Alan Johnstone 2 måneder siden
Great footage and pats for See.
Mel Sandoval
Mel Sandoval 2 måneder siden
We. Need. More. Smee. Content.
Roan Brand
Roan Brand 2 måneder siden
I want to see a cat wheelspin on smooth floor after a fright in slow mo
Big Jumbo
Big Jumbo 2 måneder siden
So cats don't always land on their feet then. Your not only the slo mo guys but the myth busters aswell. 😎
Daniel Stella
Daniel Stella 2 måneder siden
what happened to dan?
RobloxRobot 2 måneder siden
Thats a GIANT cat.
Christopher does stuff! 2
Christopher does stuff! 2 2 måneder siden
1:19 wiggle
dumanium 2 måneder siden
FirstDarkAngel2001 2 måneder siden
your slow motion vids are always so awesome, but it wasn't until this one that made me realize of how much one can learn in manners of movement and such for 3d animation and art in general. Epic.
IRONHEAD 2 måneder siden
Smee was not happy, laying down, being interviewed. His tail wagging in disgust. He was like “Leave me alone dammit, I’m tired!”
Col. Cool
Col. Cool 2 måneder siden
2:18 Was expecting the squirrel in its mouth...
Jimyjames - Model Locos / Bike Rides / Exploring
Jimyjames - Model Locos / Bike Rides / Exploring 2 måneder siden
Hiya - @ 2:19 - I thought that cats always land on there feet!!! 😲🚂🚂🚂
rogerrabbit110 2 måneder siden
Feeling scientific while watching cat videos.
RGR HRM 2 måneder siden
aus 2 måneder siden
the only thing i took away from this video is that Meg is only wearing one shoe
Lu-Nakes 2 måneder siden
what a ferociously adorable little clumsy cat, Smee, was. lol
jman415 2 måneder siden
“Oh wait, i did” i love it
Paul Ferrari
Paul Ferrari 2 måneder siden
That’s a big cat.
Mr. Cheese
Mr. Cheese 3 måneder siden
Is there a 10 hour version
Nanyu Busnis
Nanyu Busnis 3 måneder siden
2:17 I thought this was a *real* cat. What is this nonsense?
Hazel O'Brien
Hazel O'Brien 3 måneder siden
I could watch this for hours
Ron 3 måneder siden
I truly have nothing better to do. Says 1.9 million people
Gehej Beejjejdjd
Gehej Beejjejdjd 3 måneder siden
Brijit Vincent
Brijit Vincent 3 måneder siden
Jumping like kalari warriors
Brijit Vincent
Brijit Vincent 3 måneder siden
Crimson Revenant
Crimson Revenant 3 måneder siden
3:12 Its a wee Smee!
TheMarvelLegoMaster 3 måneder siden
Slow Mo cats... I honestly think that this is what the internet was meant for.
Covered By Cats
Covered By Cats 3 måneder siden
PhoenixUltraMotive 3 måneder siden
Alex Exley
Alex Exley 3 måneder siden
Gavin's been sitting on slow mo kitten footage for 6 years
blindsightedkill 3 måneder siden
What about yourself and Burnie's cat
Matt H
Matt H 3 måneder siden
Siamese are atheletes! Intelligent, mischievous, talkative athletes.
pacificrules 3 måneder siden
OMG, that was the first time I seen a cat fall on his back, rather than all 4.... so funny.
Deb Naga
Deb Naga 3 måneder siden
Slowest cat ever . You don't need to show slomo. Facts 😊
Alissa Nicole
Alissa Nicole 4 måneder siden
This is the SlowMo content I never knew I needed
Tijs Van Gulck
Tijs Van Gulck 4 måneder siden
Apparently, cats don't always land on their feet. 2:23
Russel 4 måneder siden
What a pretty kitty!
Samantha mother of cats
Samantha mother of cats 4 måneder siden
More slow mo cat videos please! Smee is gorgeous!
WickedLady2010 4 måneder siden
This makes me miss my cat 😿
Darryl Learie
Darryl Learie 4 måneder siden
Fun to watch now I really want to see more slow motion squirrel!
Sourav Ghosh
Sourav Ghosh 4 måneder siden
The cat is so cute.
Mario S
Mario S 4 måneder siden
2:18 FAKE - cats always land on their paws
FER NANDEZ 4 måneder siden
Wow 😻
Red I
Red I 4 måneder siden
Cat vs Snake in slow mo
Paxus 4 måneder siden
👍 'd #Paxus Rating: ☆☆ ½ p.s. 2:16 PROOF cats _don't_ always land on all fours!
Topa Topa
Topa Topa 4 måneder siden
Every cat needs to own a human!
Skywalker Luke
Skywalker Luke 4 måneder siden
Recorded in 4k but uploaded in 1080p
Edge 4 måneder siden
Techie guy: I need 4K 120fps smartphone now! Normal person: For high res gaming? Techie guy: No! For watching cats!
Ahmed Salvatore
Ahmed Salvatore 4 måneder siden
Alex the Lego guy
Alex the Lego guy 4 måneder siden
Baby Smee! 😍
Nugget 4 måneder siden
I swear the background music is from a roblox game
Scaredity Mays
Scaredity Mays 4 måneder siden
Well it’s technically not from a Roblox game
nsxdarin 4 måneder siden
Hi guys I'm Smeeeee
[GD] Vex
[GD] Vex 4 måneder siden
4:55 he got high one day
I can do all things
I can do all things 4 måneder siden
2:20 LOL
Doodled Pixel
Doodled Pixel 4 måneder siden
We want a coat for Smee even she is a part of the slow meow guyz isn't she ?!😝
Scaredity Mays
Scaredity Mays 4 måneder siden
It’s a dude.
Doodled Pixel
Doodled Pixel 4 måneder siden
Whos the most rich after the lockdown : Barbers
Doodled Pixel
Doodled Pixel 4 måneder siden
Re living the early humans who did not cut their hair, relive in the lockdown !!!
Just Ethxn
Just Ethxn 4 måneder siden
who else laughed at 2:19
Mr Cat
Mr Cat 4 måneder siden
3.44 drift cat
viking90706 4 måneder siden
Everyone who hasn't owned a Siamese, get one today. They are totally different. They have the loyalty of a German Shepard, I know a lot about that breed. I was blown away over our girly. She has now past. We now have a new Guy 21 pounds, and doesn't miss when playing. Never going back to a Shepard now.
Doncella 13
Doncella 13 4 måneder siden
Is that the one who brings the beanie babies?
WildF1reFan 5 måneder siden
Being a cat lover, this is adoring to watch!
Its L
Its L 5 måneder siden
Alternative Title: Recording while torturing a cat mentally in slow motion. . . . . . . . Just kidding, no hate, trying to be sarcastic =)
Anderson Barbosa
Anderson Barbosa 5 måneder siden
So cute. Cats are the most impressive animals in the world.
queen zing
queen zing 5 måneder siden
1:24 it's like a cheetah chasing down their prey
saja Tv
saja Tv 5 måneder siden
PixelAndPie 5 måneder siden
Does anyone else use this channel as a way to test out new monitors and hardware?
Рим Касимов
Рим Касимов 5 måneder siden
Бесконечно можно смотреть на три вещи как течёт вода, горит огонь и котейку в слоумо
ZahraAzhar Yasmine
ZahraAzhar Yasmine 5 måneder siden
DKC 5 måneder siden
Guilty Pigeon
Guilty Pigeon 5 måneder siden
3:46 "Give me a cat, bartender"
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